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B2B checkout with flexible payment terms

The strategies behind Europe's winning B2B marketplaces

We surveyed hundreds of marketplace leaders in Europe to find out the secrets behind their success. Here's what we learned.

Behind the scenes of winning B2B marketplaces

Discover insights and strategies from top European players.


The European B2B marketplace landscape in 2024

Scour the map to locate your competitors, peers or partners.


On-demand webinars and videos

We spoke with some of Europe's top platforms and a selection of expert partners to uncover more about scaling a B2B marketplace. Catch up on those conversations now.

Fireside chat with B2B marketplace expert Colin Gardiner

Learn how you can create lasting value, build trust with customers and grow your platform.

Webinar: Insider insights and winning strategies for growing your B2B marketplace

Featuring exclusive insights from Wikifarmer, Circulate, Mirta and Lemonway.
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Fireside chat with Sameer Singh

We sat down with B2B marketplace expert Sameer Singh to get his takes on network effects, reaching critical mass, customer retention and much, much more.

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Articles, infographics, videos, how-to guides and much, much more, all designed to support your B2B marketplace strategy. Check them out below.

We sat down with B2B marketplace expert Sameer Singh to get his takes on network effects, customer retention and much, much more.
In this guide, we explore merchant of record marketplaces, what the implications are for buyers and sellers, and whether your marketplace should be the merchant of record.
The effective handling of payment terms is crucial for the success of any B2B marketplace as it impacts cash flow, customer retention, platform bypass and more. Read all about it in our how-to guide.
Learn how to stop platform leakage and keep as many transactions on your B2B marketplace as possible with our comprehensive guide.
ALL the key insights and advice for B2B marketplace growth from our recent report (with only a fraction of the reading!)
We sat down with marketplace expert Colin Gardiner to pick his brains about how B2B marketplace operators can create lasting value, build trust with customers and grow their platforms.
In this episode, marketing expert Colin Lewis reveals how B2B marketplaces can use content to attract buyers and sellers to their platform.
Iconic luxury lifestyle brand Maison&Objet recently launched a marketplace. Here are their top 5 tips for those looking to do the same.
We asked industry leaders from Mangopay and Maison&Objet how marketplaces can strategise for success. Here's what they told us.
Discover how payments flow within a B2B marketplace, the common challenges and the solutions you can employ to make everything work smoothly.
Download our ebook to learn how B2B BNPL addresses the challenges faced by food and beverage marketplaces.
B2B marketplaces are the fastest growing digital commerce sales channel. Discover how they're transforming the way businesses transact in this blog post.
Trust and reputation are crucial for B2B marketplace success, but they're difficult to earn and easy to lose.
Watch Hokodo co-founder Louis Carbonnier and Lemonway co-founder Antoine Orsini explain why trade credit is so important for B2B marketplaces.
Download our product brochure to discover how Hokodo is modernising online payments for buyers, sellers and platform operators with a digital trade credit solution built for B2B marketplaces.
Competition among B2B marketplaces is tougher than ever. Join Hokodo as we explore some of the ways you can keep your marketplace competitive and retain your customers.
By offering flexible payment terms in real-time to their buyers, as well as ensuring payment for their suppliers, Ankorstore has been able to build up a loyal base of more than 100,000 customers.
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