Access trade credit instantly when buying for your business online

Payment terms are the norm in B2B trade, but as a buyer, you already know that getting access to credit while shopping online can be a real nightmare – especially for small businesses.

At Hokodo, we are determined to change this.

Hokodo’s B2B Buy Now, Pay Later solution enables you to obtain favourable payment terms from your commercial suppliers without the hassle of application forms, references or lengthy wait times.

You get the materials and goods your business needs while improving your cash flow and delaying payment by 30, 60 or 90 days.

When assessing your eligibility for payment terms, Hokodo performs soft checks which don’t impact the credit rating of you or your business. There’s no interest and no fees.


“My experience with Hokodo has been first class. When I’ve needed a bit of compromise, you have been there to say ‘Yeah, we get it, it’s no problem.’”

Mark Walter
Owner, The Green House
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"The experience is seamless. Basically, I just enter my banking details and after 15 days or so, I receive an email from Hokodo saying that in x many days, we will take that money from your account. And that’s about it"

Dave Van Asten
Owner, Zeperij
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"I can just tick the box for 30 or 60 day payment terms and connect to my bank account: then it’s out of my mind."

Elise Van Hoecke
Owner, TheMoodshop
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"It’s working very smoothly. I really like the experience because I don’t have to think about paying my invoices. After a few transactions, I've established trust with Hokodo."

Matyas Hettmann
Owner, We Love Present
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“Of all the payment options out there, including credit cards or business loans, it makes a lot of sense to be using Hokodo’s trade credit solution. It's all straightforward and simple so this is the product I would recommend for businesses that need a credit facility.”

Jonathan Berger
Owner, Chinley Cheese
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"It's reassuring to know that, ultimately, we're not paying for something until we've got the money back from our customers."

The Psychic Tree
Skincare products

“The fact that Hokodo offers 60 day credit terms is unusual in my industry, but extremely helpful, especially for small businesses like mine.”

Ethical health shop
Yellow armchair in a living room

"Paying with Hokodo is a really good way of trying out new brands and keeping your money in your account until you sell the product."

Interior design boutique

Why choose Hokodo at the checkout?

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Instant & seamless

Access credit terms instantly, even on your first purchase. No tedious, hand written forms, and no account with Hokodo required. Hokodo’s solution is frictionless and fully online.

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Support when you need it

Whether you want to discuss your credit eligibility or have questions about completing a payment, we support you at every step of the journey.

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Improve your cashflow

Deferred payment gives you the chance to recoup costs before having to pay for your purchase. This improves the cash flow of your business, giving you the confidence and resources needed for growth.

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No interest, no fees

When you delay your payment with Hokodo, there’s no interest or fees. You’ll get a tailored credit limit and payment plan options based on your business type and payment history.

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Get what you need, pay later

Gone are the days of prioritising certain purchases over others and missing out on profits because you don’t have the right supplies or stock. Get what you need, when you need it, and delay payment by up to 90 days.

You can trust us.

Hokodo is a high-growth startup with around 100 employees and backing from a number of European investors. We recently raised $40 million which will enable us to help 1 million businesses like yours access a better way to pay by 2025.

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Wholesalers and marketplaces offer Hokodo’s solution to their customers


Businesses like yours regularly use Hokodo for their purchases.


Unique orders have been placed using Hokodo.


Hokodo’s solutions are underwritten by SCOR Syndicate 2015, SCOR SE’s corporate syndicate at Lloyd’s of London.

Our trusted partners help us to shape the financial solutions of tomorrow.

How it works


Fill your basket

Shop for the items you need, and remember that you won’t need to pay for them upfront.

Shopping card checkout

Head to the checkout

When you’re ready to finish your order, head to the checkout.

Online form asking for company information

Choose to Buy Now, Pay Later with Hokodo

Select from the terms that you are eligible for and choose your preferred payment method, for example Direct Debit, credit card or invoice.

Different options for online payment methods

Receive your goods

You will receive a confirmation email from Hokodo outlining your payment plan and your order will be dispatched immediately. You won’t need to make any payment upfront.

Payment plan

We'll send a reminder

Three days before your payment due date, we’ll send you a reminder via email.

Tracking of an order

Payment complete

On the agreed due date, we will attempt to collect payment from you. If we are unable to collect payment, we will be in contact.

Payment reminder

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Hokodo?
How are my credit limit and payment terms determined?
How do I pay for my order?
What happens if I don’t pay my invoice on the due date?
What if I cannot pay for my purchase?
Do I need to sign up to use Hokodo?
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