Unlocking the winning formula for B2B marketplace success in 10 steps


Have you checked out our recent B2B marketplaces research? Honestly, it’s ok if not. We get it. You’re a busy marketplace leader. You’re laser focused on the growth and success of your platform. And although we highly recommend checking out Behind the scenes of winning B2B marketplaces, you might not have time to read a 6,000 word report…

But we couldn’t bear the thought of you missing out on the goldmine of expert advice and insights that the pages of the report hold. We surveyed founders and leaders from hundreds of B2B marketplaces to uncover the strategies that have helped them – and the mistakes they have learned from – on their journey to success.

And guess what? We’re going to share their insights with you. Right here. Right now. In an easy-to-digest visual form. Here’s the 10 steps you need to take to unlock the winning formula for your B2B marketplace.

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