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A B2B Buy Now, Pay Later solution, built for the food & beverages industry

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The perishable nature of consumables and high customer expectations mean that, even when much of trade had begun moving online, B2B food and beverage companies preferred to continue working in traditional ways. But things are changing – and fast.

The global B2B food and beverages e-commerce market is expected to be worth $797.3 billion by 2030. B2B food marketplaces alone have a projected market value of $71.6 billion by 2028, while online sales will make up 15-20% of the industry’s overall sales by 2025 – a tenfold increase since 2016.

If they want to capture their share of the e-commerce explosion, food and beverage sellers of all kinds need to establish an online presence while providing restaurants, hotels, caterers and other buyers with the purchasing experience they have come to expect. That includes offering industry-standard payment terms of 30 days or more. 

That’s where Hokodo’s B2B credit platform comes in, empowering merchants and marketplaces in the food and beverages space to offer flexible terms to buyers while receiving payment upfront.

Ease cash flow pressure and grow your food and beverages business when you offer B2B Buy Now, Pay Later.

Hokodo is the modern way to offer trade credit.

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Hokodo works with some of Europe’s biggest food and beverages suppliers

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How we help food and beverages suppliers

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21st century credit management

A trade credit solution aligned with your digital-first approach to support a seamless experience across the full credit journey.

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Operational efficiency

Save the time and operational costs of credit checks, insurance and collections processes.

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Relieve working capital pressures

Free up the working capital used to lend money to buyers and receive faster payouts while benefiting from full non-payment protection. 

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Accelerate and enhance the sales cycle

Businesses purchasing on credit terms spend an average of 30% more and make 24% more purchases per month.

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Attract new buyers

Enable buyers on your platform to defer payment by 30, 60 or 90 days, interest-free, and watch as your customer base grows.

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Stay competitive

Buyers will remain loyal to the sellers offering the best service and the most desirable payment terms.

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Tailored for large order values

Implement a solution that is optimised for the large average order values and frequent purchases associated with your industry. 

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Upfront payments, guaranteed

Grow your business with confidence knowing that upfront payments are guaranteed.

Discover the ROI of a Digital Trade Credit Solution

Hokodo delivers measurable results to some of the world's most innovative B2B companies, helping them to increase revenue and save costs. Use our ROI calculator to work out how much you stand to gain by adopting a Digital Trade Credit solution.

How it works


A buyer visits your B2B food and beverage commerce platform and places an order as normal. In the background, Hokodo conducts credit eligibility and fraud risk checks.


When ready, the buyer heads to the checkout. They only see the payment terms for which they have been approved.


The buyer chooses their preferred payment plan and method, and confirms their order.


Hokodo pays you up front, preserving and protecting cash flow for your business. When the due date falls, Hokodo collects payment from the buyer.

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"Integrating with Hokodo has allowed us to significantly increase our value proposition to our suppliers on our B2B marketplace, through providing seamless real time credit insurance policies to the users of our platform. Guaranteeing each transaction through an API has proved priceless for Rooser!”

Joel Watt
Founder of Rooser
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"We had previously tried to offer payment terms on our own, but since the process was so manual, lengthy and complex, instant credit decisions at the point of purchase were out of the question. Being able to give buyers the immediate decision and seamless experience they expect is a game changer for Achatmat.”

Frédéric Guillotin
CEO of Achatmat
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"Hokodo and Graindex have created a unique product that gives farmers the peace of mind that they will be paid when selling their crops...Our experience working with the Hokodo team has been excellent - we can now offer our Guaranteed Payment Collection service through access to their innovative technology.”

Dave Rose
Managing Director at Graindex
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"Hokodo is a massive part of our proposition in being able to ensure suppliers receive payments on time and build trust on the platform. YardLink is on a big growth trajectory and we see Hokodo as not just ready for us right now, but that it will continue to work for us as we move forward.”

Hollie Russell
Marketing Director at Yardlink
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"A great User Experience and great payment terms and flexibility are the two main benefits our customers are looking for, and thanks to Hokodo we are able to offer them that…They have helped us to grow a base of extremely loyal customers all across Europe thanks to payment terms."

Pierre-Luc Joffre
CFO at Ankorstore

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With Buy Now, Pay Later, B2B sellers of food and beverages can sell more and reach growth goals, while giving buyers a flexible payment experience. Hokodo is the modern way to offer trade credit.

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