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B2B e-commerce has been held back by inadequate payment methods for too long. We’re on a journey to fix it with our payment solutions for B2B.

Why we exist

Hokodo was founded to make B2B trade simpler, safer and supported.

We work with B2B merchants to help them sell more by offering better payment terms to their business customers.

Unlike consumers, businesses generally expect to pay on credit terms. To manage the associated risk, sellers traditionally resort to paper-based trading account applications and manual credit decisions.

But these processes aren’t fit for online trade.

On the one hand, merchants miss out on the chance to advance, unable to offer payment terms except to big businesses. On the other, buyers don’t get the credit they deserve when purchasing online.

That's why we're changing the way B2B payments are designed and delivered by empowering merchants with the ability to offer credit terms to businesses of all sizes, in real-time.

We offer a seamless B2B Buy Now, Pay later solution that benefits both buyers and sellers, in a way that's simple, safe and supported.

Hokodo removes all the risk and hassle associated with offering payment terms online, and streamlines the entire process, allowing sellers to make credit decisions in real-time when the customer reaches the checkout. We arrange the financing so our sellers can get paid up front if they choose.

Hokodo is driven by rich data and backed by Lloyd's of London to insure payments and ensure peace of mind.

We work with B2B merchants to help them sell more by offering better payment terms to their business customers.

Unlike consumers, businesses generally expect to pay on credit terms. To manage the associated risk, sellers traditionally resort to paper-based trading account applications and manual credit decisions.

But these processes aren’t fit for online trade.

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the reason we exist
To power the B2B digital economy, making it fair and accessible for buyers and sellers alike.
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To enable 1 million businesses to access a better way to pay by 2025.
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A world in which every company has access to the financial tools they need to buy, sell and do more.

Meet the team

At Hokodo, we pride ourselves on our team of talented and passionate individuals with a diverse range of backgrounds and experience. During the hiring process we make sure that potential new employees are able to add value to our culture as much as our business.

The Hokodo team at the 2022 Conference

60 seconds with...

Tim Beeson-Jones

Tim Beeson-Jones


What do you do at Hokodo?

I’m one of the product managers here at Hokodo. My product team is focussed on the experience merchants have with Hokodo. I spend my time getting to know our merchants, to help make sure we’re building tech that’s going to delight.

What are you working on at the moment?

I’m currently working on the portals we make available to merchants to help them integrate with Hokodo, and then stay on top of syncing up back office systems at scale. On the latter: with many thousands of orders flying through Hokodo, you can imagine how important it is that our merchants’ order data is regularly reconciled with our records.

What excites you most about Hokodo's future?

When the London office was just two of us, I wondered if we’d ever be the size where we would fully occupy a big office. Now we’ve reached that milestone, I’m wondering when we’ll need to take over a building! This kind of growth is exciting. With regards to my role… product is a fairly young function within the company and I’m excited to contribute to our evolution towards an outstanding product organisation.

Tom Thiery

Tom Thiery

Product Manager, PARIS

What do you do at Hokodo?

Working in the strategic projects and partnerships team at Hokodo is incredibly varied, but my key goal is to identify and lead strategic projects which will ultimately help the company to scale.

What do you like about working for a startup?

One thing I love about working at a startup is seeing the impact of my daily effort. We are all in the same boat and we depend on each other for success, so our common interest is placed above personal interest.

What excites you most about Hokodo’s future?

At Hokodo our mission and vision is clear; it is now a race for execution. We have the right people, technology and knowledge to win the race and become the category leader for B2B Buy Now, Pay Later. I’m excited to see that become a reality.

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How it all began

Louis and Richard had been working in embedded finance for several years together, helping major banks and insurance companies to sell financial services at the point of need, before Louis joined the world’s leading provider of trade credit insurance.

Louis Carbonnier


Co-founder and PRESIDENT

Once settled in this new role, Louis quickly came to understand the two major shortcomings of trade credit insurance.

Firstly, due to its complexity, only large corporations with sophisticated finance departments are able to access invoice protection. Paradoxically, the SMEs who most need protection against bad debt are not able to benefit from it. Secondly, trade credit insurance cannot keep pace with the world of e-commerce.

That’s when the idea of a B2B Buy Now, Pay Later solution first occurred to Louis.

Sami Ben Hatit

Sami Ben Hatit

Co-founder and CTo

As Louis got more excited about the opportunity, he was joined by his old friend Sami who began building some prototype BNPL APIs. Then he had a beer with Richard who had also been grappling with the red tape of corporate life.

At first Richard didn’t believe that a venture as significant and obvious as B2B BNPL hadn’t already begun elsewhere, but after many days of trawling Google the duo concluded that it had not yet been invented. With Sami on board, the idea to build Hokodo was born.

Richard Thornton


Co-founder and CEO

Our values

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Own the outcome

We all have the power to make our company better. We think like entrepreneurs, we envision the possibilities, we anticipate challenges and embrace what could be. We think big and strive for excellence, it’s the results that matter.

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Trust and build trust

The faith we have in each other is critical to team success. We’re low ego and see everyone in the team as an equal. Trusting each other to make the best decisions and putting the interests of the collective and the company as a whole above individual ambitions.

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Never be satisfied

There is no time to be complacent. We believe that things can always be improved, and our ambition and hunger drives us to constantly learn more and do more. We continuously look to bring out the best in ourselves and each other. Failure is not something to be feared as long as we fail fast and learn from our mistakes.

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No passion, no point

We are passionate about our work because we care about making a difference. Our work is serious, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We have fun whilst getting the job done. What’s the point in working on something if you don’t enjoy it? If there’s no passion, there’s no point.

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Be genuine (no BS)

We don’t do things for appearance’s sake. We recognise that being open and honest with our team and customers is vital to our success. We’re independent thinkers, guided by our principles and always believe in doing the right thing - there are no hidden agendas at Hokodo.


Hokodo’s solutions are underwritten by SCOR Syndicate 2015, SCOR SE’s corporate syndicate at Lloyd’s of London.

Our trusted partners help us to shape the financial solutions of tomorrow.

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