The fastest way to start offering payment terms

Get up and running with Hokodo in hours with a plug and play hosted checkout feature that requires no development resources. The fastest way to see a return on investment of the credit your buyers demand.

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Minimum effort, maximum impact

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Our fastest integration ever

Implement payment terms in hours with a truly plug and play solution.

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Tech resources? No, thanks

Integrate a single end point and sit back as the orders roll in.

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No added friction

A simple B2B checkout experience designed to maximise conversion rate.

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Payments for all

Buyers ineligible for credit can settle upfront with Hokodo.

How it works

step 1
A buyer visits your platform and places an order or makes a booking as normal.
step 2
At the checkout, the buyer is smoothly and securely redirected to the Hokodo checkout.
step 3
Hokodo runs credit and fraud checks on the buyer in under 1 second.
step 4
Suitable credit limits and payment terms are offered to the buyer.
step 5
The buyer chooses their preferred terms and settlement method. They complete the checkout and are redirected back to your platform.
step 6
You get paid upfront and in full. We take care of risk and collections.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Will my customers notice when they are redirected to the payment page?
What payment terms can I offer to my buyers?