Supercharge the performance and efficiency of your BNPL solution with our merchant dashboard.

Achieve unparalleled visibility of order statuses, effortlessly generate orders, access customer credit limits, and conveniently amplify them as required.

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Effortless integration, maximum impact

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Create orders

Offer a harmonised purchasing experience across offline and online channels.

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Manage credit limits

Provide a superior customer experience and accurate information to buyers with 100% credit limit visibility.

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Check order status 

Easily track the status of all your Hokodo customers and orders in one convenient location.

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Increase credit limits

Request credit limit reviews or manually increase limits for customers in need of additional credit.

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Sub-pages and tabs

We've introduced intuitive sub-pages, including Draft Orders, Abandoned Orders, and Declined Orders, allowing you to categorise and access orders with ease.

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Declined order tab

You can see a comprehensive list of all rejected orders and the reasons for rejection, ensuring smoother order management and improved customer satisfaction.

Start harnessing the power of the merchant dashboard today.

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