Webinar: Insider insights and winning strategies for growing your B2B marketplace


We’re all about kicking things off in style here at Hokodo. So, when launching the Ultimate B2B Marketplaces Knowledge Pack, we decided to put on a webinar to dig deep into the strategies that some of Europe's top marketplaces have employed to reach the top – and the mistakes they’ve learned from along the way.

Catch up with the on-demand webinar recording for exclusive insights and expert advice from a star-studded panel including:

  • Ilias Sousis, CEO & Co-founder, Wikifarmer
  • Karolina Ling-Vannerus, Founder & CEO, Circulate
  • Ciro Di Lanno, Co-founder, Mirta
  • Louis Carbonnier, Co-founder & President, Hokodo
  • Martin-Pierre Gaultier, CCO & CMO, Lemonway


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