Fireside chat with B2B marketplace expert Sameer Singh


When building the B2B Marketplaces Knowledge Hub, we wanted to include as many voices as possible. Sure, we know a thing or two about marketplaces at Hokodo, but the more viewpoints we could incorporate, the more value we’d be able to deliver to you. And that’s what we’re all about.

That’s why we surveyed hundreds of marketplace founders for our research report, invited Lemonway to partner with us, and sat down to pick the brains of a number of marketplaces experts.

One such expert is Sameer Singh. As a Venture Partner at Speedinvest, instructor at Reforge, author at and all-round marketplaces wizard, Sameer wears a lot of hats. Check out our conversation to learn about network effects, achieving critical mass, retaining marketplace customers and much more.