Episode 06: Mastering Customer Experience in B2B E-commerce


In this episode of The B2B Club, Hokodo's Senior Engineering Manager Tom Evans is joined by B2B E-commerce expert Michael Vax. Over the last 20+ years, Michael has amassed vast knowledge and experience of digital commerce, leading the development of E-commerce platforms at Hybris (SAP), Spryker and Elasticpath. Currently, Michael is running Commerce is Digital which helps businesses to take their E-commerce operations to the next level with a range of in-depth training courses.

One of these courses, Mastering Customer Experience in B2B E-commerce, forms the basis of this month’s episode as we take a holistic view of the B2B customer journey and how it can be optimised to maximise conversion rates and customer satisfaction. 

Listen now to discover…

  • How to personalise for different buyer personas
  • Guidance on how to sell complex products online
  • How to introduce merchandising and searchandising to upsell and cross-sell products

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Michael's new book has also recently been released: AI-Powered Ecommerce - Elevating Customer Experiences, Optimizing Operations. ⁠Get your copy today.

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