Introducing Hokodo’s new podcast: The B2B Club


We’re very excited to officially introduce our new podcast - The B2B Club. Bringing industry-leading guests directly to you, The B2B Club takes a monthly deep dive into topics ranging from marketing to marketplaces, personalisations to payments, revenue to regulation, and so much more. If you want to be in the know about all things B2B, this is the podcast for you!

Why are we doing this?

We want to share knowledge and expertise that will help your business succeed - tips and tricks that you can apply to your growth strategy. We’ll be utilising our partnership network to bring industry leading insights. We might be a payments business - but our podcast will cover a huge variety of topics. Take a look at the first five episodes:

  1. The importance of Customer Success in B2B
  2. Fraud in B2B payments: The scary truths
  3. How can B2B e-commerce firms build a winning marketing strategy?
  4. The fundamentals of building a B2B E-commerce website
  5. How can marketplaces build a content strategy to drive sales and build a brand?

You can listen to the first episode now. Join our Director of Customer Success Blair Abrahams as he is joined by the globally recognised Customer Success expert Dan Steinman to discuss:

  • The key definition of customer success
  • Why the first 90 days of onboarding are so crucial
  • How customer success can work with other business functions
  • The future of customer success and the role that AI will play

Here is a sneak peak to give you a taste of what will be discussed in the episode.

We will be publishing the episodes to all streaming platforms and our website at the end of each month. Sign up now to receive each episode directly to your email inbox.