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Episode 04: The fundamentals of building a B2B E-commerce website


For many B2B merchants, having an E-commerce channel is no longer seen as a 'nice to have' but an essential part of a successful B2B sales strategy. Meanwhile, B2B buyers have come to expect the same slick B2C-like ordering experience they are used to in their personal lives.

But how do you deal with this when you factor in the added complexity of B2B ordering, where you have to contend with higher order values, customer-specific pricing and different payment options?

In this episode of The B2B Club we try to tackle this question and are joined by B2B E-commerce experts Chris Mattingly and Rhys Laval, co-founders of Sparklayer, a specialist B2B E-commerce solution for Shopify stores.

Join us as we discuss:

  • The key differences between B2C and B2B E-commerce
  • How to deal with complex B2B pricing structures
  • Dealing with multiple buyer personas
  • Best practices for combining B2C and B2B channels

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