Episode 02: Fraud in B2B payments - the scary truths


Why can combating fraudsters feel like trying to save a penalty against Lionel Messi in the World Cup final? And how do fraudsters act in a similar way to the Velociraptors in Jurassic Park? 

These are just a couple of the topics we look at in our latest episode of The B2B Club which explores the world of fraud in B2B payments. Listen to the episode now to find out:

  • Which payment methods are being targeted by fraudsters?
  • How is fraud different in the B2B sector?
  • How can B2B businesses work together to prevent fraud?

Here is a sneak peak of what to expect in the episode:

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Steve Goddard

Steve currently works as a Fraud Subject Matter Expert at FeatureSpace. He has worked within the fraud and payment industry for over 18 years, in the banking, travel and retail space. He has worked closely with merchants advising on fraud strategies as well as running operations teams. He has worked with Banks and PSPs globally in product management roles, leading major development initiatives to deliver solutions to external customers.

Nicolas Rabinovitch

Nicolas leads the Data Science and Fraud team at Hokodo, responsible for developing credit risk models and fraud detection capabilities across all geographies. Prior to joining Hokodo, Nicolas led Klarna’s Fraud Detection & Analytics globally. He has spent over 12 years in the payment industry and risk analytics working for leading players such as PayPal, Lloyds Banking Group and Intuit.

Conor Bracken

Conor works with Nicolas in Hokodo’s Fraud team as a Fraud Analyst, working to detect and prevent fraud across key European markets. He has worked in the world of fraud for 6 years, having previously worked for The ai Corporation.

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