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What we do

Buy Now, Pay Later built for B2B merchants and marketplaces.

Hokodo’s mission is to help you deliver the B2C-like buying experience expected by a new generation of business customers.

With Hokodo, you can offer your trade customers the payment terms they deserve, while you benefit from upfront payments and zero risk.

For business buyers, the reality is...

Trade credit is usually restricted to traditional offline sales channels, with a low acceptance rate.
They have to download, print and post forms, then wait days for approval.

But they deserve...

To be able to make payments on credit terms through any channel, even on their first purchase.
A seamless, B2C-style purchasing experience.

Meanwhile, B2B merchants & marketplaces…

Often have to grant payment terms out of their own balance sheet.
Are left juggling multiple, non-digital,  legacy solutions to manage trade credit including:
  • Getting credit scores.
  • Tracking and managing buyer’s exposures.
  • Chasing overdue payments.

But they need to...

Know which customers are creditworthy.
Manage (or avoid) cash strain.
Be protected from credit & fraud risk.
Avoid hassle in the finance department.
Get paid upfront.

With Hokodo, they can.

Our top features

Credit management

We use a range of methods and sources to perform soft credit checks on your customers. This is translated into a credit score which we use to recommend credit limits and payment terms that can be used on a customer’s first purchase.

You benefit from being able to offer trade credit online without the operational burden.

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 woman holding bank card in her hand and using laptop while making online payment at home


Customers benefit from the opportunity to pay later on their business purchases while you get paid upfront. Cash flow is improved for all parties, leading to boosted conversion rates, higher value orders and increased customer loyalty.


No collections team? No problem. If an invoice is overdue, we take responsibility for collecting the payment. We chase debt with the tact and respect required to preserve your commercial relationships.

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Risk bearing

Our backing from Lloyd’s of London means you are protected against all credit and fraud risks including nonpayment, ID theft and clawbacks, as well as outright insolvency of your customer. Less time spent worrying about financial risk means you can focus on what matters: your business goals and growth.


With e-commerce platform extensions and custom integrations available, Hokodo’s solution fits seamlessly into your store’s existing checkout flow, allowing you to maintain a frictionless customer experience with B2C-like convenience.

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How it works


Your customers shop as normal.

They don’t need to sign up in order to access our B2B Buy Now Pay Later solution.

Shopping card checkout

In the background, Hokodo’s APIs run credit and fraud risk checks on the customer.

Our eligibility assessments take less than half a second. The only information we need is the business name and address of your customer or alternatively, their company registration number.

Online form asking for company information

We recommend suitable credit limits and payment terms.

At the checkout, your customer sees only the payment terms for which they’ve been approved.

Different options for online payment methods

Your customer chooses to Buy Now, Pay Later with Hokodo.

They may have the option to delay payment by 14, 30, 60 or 90 days.

Payment plan

Your customer gets more time to pay. You get paid upfront.

Once the goods have been delivered or the service provided, we pay you in full. Your customer pays us back in line with their payment terms.

Tracking of an order

We take care of risk and collections.

Hokodo’s solutions are backed by Lloyd’s of London, so you can trade in the knowledge that you’re protected from all credit and fraud risk. If a customer defaults on their payment, we’ll handle it.

Payment reminder

Quick & easy implementation

Our APIs and e-commerce CMS plug-ins make integrating Hokodo’s B2B Buy Now, Pay Later solution quick and easy. You could be onboarded and trading within a couple of days.

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Custom integrations can be built using our REST APIs, SDKs and robust documentation. Made for developers, by developers.

Buy. Sell. Do. More.

Want to learn more about how Hokodo can help you to sell more and scale your business?

One of the Hokodo team would be happy to talk you through our B2B Buy Now, Pay Later solution.