A Buy Now, Pay Later Solution for B2B

Sell more and grow your business by providing your B2B customers with the ability to Buy Now, Pay Later at checkout. Hokodo is the modern way to offer trade credit to your customers.

Best of all? Hokodo's products are backed by Lloyd's of London, so you’re always protected against the risk of non-payment.

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Sell more, win new business & get paid. Without the risk.

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Sell more & grow your business

Keep customers in the funnel and boost sales by offering instant credit terms.

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more purchases per month
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Give your customers a better experience

We believe B2B buyers deserve the same flawless digital experience that consumers get. Our real-time underwriting means no lengthy credit checks, and customers can access payment terms instantly, even on their first purchase.

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Payment guaranteed

No more worrying about your cash flow. We pay you following delivery of the goods. We also take care of collections and chasing late payments on your behalf.

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We take care of the risk

Your business is protected against credit and fraud risks including non-payment, ID theft, chargebacks and outright insolvency of your customers.

THE FUTURE OF B2B e-commerce

Simplify B2B e-commerce with the payment terms your customers prefer

73% of B2B buyers say they prefer buying online. We think they deserve the same frictionless checkout experience that consumers already get.

How we can help

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Save time

Let your customers Buy Now, Pay Later even on their first purchase, without having to spend time and resources on credit applications.

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Get paid upfront

You get paid upfront, while your customers enjoy the freedom to pay in 30, 60 or 90 days. Cash flow improves for everyone.

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Collections taken care of

We handle all collections with tact and respect to preserve your commercial relationships.

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Minimise risk

All Hokodo solutions are backed by Lloyd’s of London, so you don’t have to worry about non-payment or fraud.

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Integrate easily

Our APIs and e-commerce platform integrations make onboarding quick and simple.


How it works

Quick and simple integration with Hokodo.
Your customers get to choose when to pay.
You choose when you get paid.
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Customers shop as normal

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In the background, Hokodo checks the buyer’s credit score and fraud risk.


Then, they head to the checkout page

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Customers only see the payment options for which they have been approved.


Customers choose to Buy Now,
Pay Later

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They select their preferred Hokodo payment option.


We pay you upfront

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Once the goods are shipped or the service delivered, we pay you. There’s no need to wait for your customers to pay us and you don’t have to worry about bad debt or the hassle of collecting payments.

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"Hokodo is a massive part of our proposition in being able to ensure suppliers receive payments on time and build trust on the platform."


"Hokodo allowed us to significantly increase our value proposition to our suppliers on our B2B marketplace, through providing seamless real time credit insurance policies to the users of our platform.  Guaranteeing each transaction through an API has proved priceless for Rooser!”

"By working together, Hokodo and Graindex have created a unique product that gives farmers the  peace of mind that they will be paid when selling their crops...Our experience working with the Hokodo team has been excellent - we can now offer our Guaranteed Payment Collection service through access to their innovative technology.”

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"A great User Experience and great payment terms and flexibility are the two main benefits our customers are looking for, and thanks to Hokodo we are able to offer them that…They have helped us to grow a base of extremely loyal customers thanks to payment terms."

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Ready to sell more
and grow your business?

Book a demo to find out how we can help you offer a Buy Now, Pay Later solution  to your business customers in as little as 2 days.

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