Infographic: Construction & Building Materials Buyer Demands 2024


In March we launched a groundbreaking research report uncovering the e-commerce expectations of B2B buyers in 2024. The Definitive Guide to B2B E-commerce Buyer Demands is based on an extensive survey of 500 B2B buyers across Europe and the UK and reveals a holistic overview of the business-to-business e-commerce landscape.

The majority of the trends and insights contained in the report are uniform across the different sectors within B2B, but while collating the responses, it became apparent that in some industries – including the construction and building materials space – buyers have differing expectations and demands. 

We learned that, when it comes to purchasing building materials and equipment, the e-commerce channel is still under construction. Grab your hardhat and high vis vest – it’s time to learn about the e-commerce demands of construction and building materials buyers in 2024.

Want to learn more about the e-commerce expectations of B2B buyers? Get your copy of the research report today.

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