Ease of integration & solution flexibility: How to choose a B2B Buy Now, Pay Later provider

Ethan Cumming
Content Writer

In the last instalment of our series on how to choose a B2B Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) provider, we took a deep dive into the importance of offer rate and tech performance. Join us this week as we discover why ease of integration and solution flexibility are essential criteria to consider when it comes to assessing your options. 

Ease of integration

When deciding on which B2B BNPL provider to work with, it is vital to consider the ease of integration of their solution. This refers to how simple and quick it is for the provider to integrate a Buy Now, Pay Later function into the checkout of your e-commerce store or marketplace. You’ve got a business to run, so the sooner you can start offering flexible payment terms to your customers the better.

Why does ease of integration matter?

If your tech team spends weeks poring over confusing API documents and slowly working out how to implement the BNPL solution into your checkout, you’re missing out on sales, new business and profit. On the other hand, if you opt to work with a leader in the space, you could be offering flexible payment terms to your customers and reaping the commercial benefits much sooner and without diverting precious tech resources to this integration.

How do you tell the difference between a provider who can offer an easy, streamlined integration and one who will end up using too much of your time and resources?

Ask how long they anticipate integration to take. A poor to average provider will likely advise several weeks or months before your checkout is up and running with payment terms, or may be unable to give you a timeline at all. A leader in this space should be able to demonstrate a clear onboarding plan and implement their Buy Now, Pay Later solution within a few days or weeks, depending on the integration type. They’ll also respect your time and ensure to do the majority of the heavy lifting themselves.

It’s not only about speed and timings. A leading provider of B2B BNPL solutions will also prove their value with multiple staging environments or ‘sandboxes’ in which you can test the integration prior to release. This makes for a smooth and successful launch.

Look out for providers using a modern API design such as REST, and whose API documentation is clear, developer friendly and publicly available. Avoid low-end BNPL partners who use SOAP for their API architecture and accompany it with out-of-date developer guides.

Best practice providers will also offer native integrations and plug-ins for the most widely used e-commerce platforms such as Magento and Shopify.

Your assessment of B2B Buy Now, Pay Later providers should also take into account any available developer support. Do you have live access to engineers via a Slack channel, for example? Will your new partner provide  software development kits (SDK) and iFrames? Ultimately, a reliable and technically strong provider like Hokodo will have the capacity and capability to support your store and developers throughout the lifetime of your partnership – even if you change your CMS or want to make changes to your customer journey.

Solution flexibility

When we speak to prospective customers, one of their biggest concerns is whether a B2B Buy Now, Pay Later solution will have enough flexibility to fit the unique needs of their e-commerce store or marketplace. 

Depending on the individual characteristics of your store, you might be looking to work with a provider who:

  • Has easy to adapt underwriting rules and footprint.
  • Can deal with limited companies as well as sole traders.
  • Offers BNPL solutions for online, phone and/or PoS.
  • Can extend various payment terms such as 30, 60 and 90 days as well as 3 or 4 instalments.
  • Leverages payment experience data to increase credit limits over time.
  • Offers a multi-currency or multi-language solution.
  • Displays credit scores and limits to customers.

Why does solution flexibility matter?

High configurability of your provider’s technology and platform lets you adapt the Buy Now, Pay Later solution to your needs and to the specificities of your sector. Most importantly, you will be able to give your customers what they need and what they expect from a B2B e-commerce store or marketplace.

Telling the difference between a provider who offers a highly flexible solution and one who doesn’t is easy enough – you just need to ask. Poor providers will present you with a one-size fits all solution not optimised for your niche, while Hokodo and other leaders in the B2B BNPL space will go the extra mile to understand your business and support you to design the optimal solution.

Are you keen to know more about how Hokodo’s market-leading solution flexibility and superior ease of integration could help you to implement tailored and optimised B2B Buy Now, Pay Later options into your online checkout? Book a demo today and a member of the team will be in touch.

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