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Hokodo & SparkLayer partnership provides Shopify's B2B merchants with Buy Now, Pay Later solution

Ollie Lerway
Marketing Executive

Hokodo partners with SparkLayer to help Shopify merchants provide B2B customers with flexible payment options and a smooth ordering experience.

We are excited to announce that Hokodo has partnered with e-commerce solution provider SparkLayer - a big step on our way to revolutionising the world of B2B payments. 

SparkLayer’s solution enables Shopify merchants to turn their online stores into powerful B2B ordering platforms with features such as customer-specific pricing and clever time-saving tools. 

Thanks to our new partnership, Shopify merchants can not only offer a smooth online ordering experience to B2B customers, but also provide them with flexible payment options including the chance to Buy Now, Pay Later at checkout. For businesses wanting to offer the best possible online experience to their customers, this partnership represents an unmissable opportunity.

How Hokodo and SparkLayer work together

SparkLayer’s intelligent technology makes integration quick and simple - meaning Shopify merchants can get up and running straight away with minimal coding or effort required. SparkLayer's frontend interface can simply overlay special widgets onto your existing Shopify store to enable easy B2B transactions. These features can be easily customised to match a merchant’s branding and retain the look and feel of their website. 

Whilst the customer is shopping,  Hokodo’s powerful APIs run real-time checks to assess their credit score and fraud risk. If approved, they will be able to access flexible payment options at checkout - even on their first purchase! This all happens in a matter of seconds, so there are no lengthy forms to frustrate customers, just a simple, safe and secure shopping experience. 

Hokodo is also backed by Lloyd’s of London, meaning the merchant is always guaranteed payment and can choose to get paid as soon as the goods are delivered, making the whole process risk and hassle free.

See how Hokodo & Sparklayer work together to help Shopify merchants in our video here.👇

“Our collaboration with Hokodo really is a perfect match. Our solution helps B2B merchants solve the problem of making their ordering experience more connected and easier for the end customer; and Hokodo solves the problem of previously out-dated and time-consuming ways for B2B customers to pay online. We're excited to see where our partnership takes us!” - Chris Mattingly, Co-founder of SparkLayer

“We are really excited about our partnership with SparkLayer which will help all Shopify merchants boost sales by offering B2B customers the payment methods they desire. SparkLayer’s features make the online shopping experience much easier for the end-user, and our solution enables them to access flexible payment options at checkout whilst also guaranteeing payment for the merchant. We’re looking forward to seeing our partnership grow!” - Richard Thornton, Co-Founder & CEO of Hokodo.

Are you a Shopify merchant looking to improve the online experience of your business customers and also boost sales and conversion rates? Get in touch to find out how Hokodo and Sparklayer can help transform your business.