Hoko-Meet for B2B Marketplaces


We recently hosted our first Hoko-Meet event, as part of our mission to build a community where Senior Executives from B2B marketplaces can come together for networking, learning opportunities, growth and social events.

Hoko-Meet for B2B Marketplaces: London

Take a look at the highlights from our very first community event designed for B2B marketplace operators.

Onboarding new buyers and sellers is one of the most important goals of a B2B marketplace – and, as you already know, it’s also one of the biggest challenges.

The event featured a number of sessions to help explore these challenges, including a panel discussion with three B2B marketplace founders, as well as a presentation from Dickel Sooriah, VP B2B Marketplace Offer at Mirakl.

This event was just the first step in our mission to build a community where B2B marketplace operators can come together for networking, learning opportunities, growth and social events - so keep your eyes peeled for future events!

About the host: Meet Hokodo

Hokodo offers a scalable, all-in-one payment solution for B2B marketplaces, complete with trade credit and upfront payment options. We enable European merchants, marketplaces and other sellers to achieve their growth goals without being hindered by operational inefficiencies, outdated payment processes or working capital constraints. Our proprietary underwriting platform results in optimised offer rates and real-time credit decisions, even on a buyer’s first transaction. Meanwhile, the supplier is paid up front and in full, while Hokodo takes responsibility for collections and provides 100% protection against non-payment – even if the buyer is unable or unwilling to pay.

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