BizAway partners with Hokodo to bring enhanced flexibility to corporate travel in Europe


With Hokodo's services, BizAway empowers businesses in Italy, Spain, France, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands to benefit from 30-day payment terms for travel expenses.

London, 19 December 2023 BizAway, the specialist corporate travel scaleup, has integrated Hokodo’s B2B deferred payment solution to further streamline and enhance travel management. BizAway is refining its platform to more effectively meet market demands for flexibility, thereby continuing to propel its business forward.

Together, Hokodo and BizAway enable businesses located in Italy, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Netherlands and Belgium to defer payment by 30 days or until the end of the month following purchase. This works very similarly to ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ and brings customers a seamless, B2C-like purchasing experience.

This approach allows businesses to manage their travel expenses with great flexibility, especially when the service is combined with the ones already offered by BizAway Suite.

"Flexibility is seen as more than just important by both workers and businesses, a fact we're acutely aware of," says Giovanni Bernardi, Head of Sales for BizAway. "This awareness led us to integrate Hokodo into our systems. Our aim is to meet market demands more safely and effortlessly, solidifying our status as a beacon of innovation in the business travel sector."

“We’re proud to partner with one of Europe’s leading players in the corporate travel industry,” adds Richard Thornton, Co-founder and CEO of Hokodo. “Through this collaboration, a vast number of businesses across the continent are empowered to ease the cash flow burden of booking planes, trains, taxis and hotels.”

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