A day in the life of a Frontend Developer at Hokodo

Aiman Mallah
Frontend Developer

Working from the comfort of my home has become my norm, a trend that Hokodo readily supports. Like many of my colleagues at Hokodo, I've found the flexibility of remote work fits seamlessly with my lifestyle. The cultural ethos at Hokodo is remarkably relaxed around schedules, understanding that quality work isn't dictated by a rigid 9-to-5.

Once settled with my morning coffee, my typical day begins by assessing the tickets assigned to me. This task management system ensures that all our work is organised and transparent. These tickets are mainly implementing new features on our latest project, the merchant portal—a brand new application we've been developing with the latest libraries.

The merchant portal, in particular, has been an exciting challenge. Building an application from scratch is like a thrilling puzzle: each piece a line of code that brings us closer to a complete, functional, and user-friendly interface. This project is a testament to our commitment to creating top-notch, customer-facing applications that enhance the overall user experience.

Within the team, my role as a Frontend Developer is a crucial one. I'm often pairing up with other developers to write and review code, making sure our applications not only look good but also work flawlessly. We work in an agile environment, which means we iterate quickly, value customer collaboration, and respond promptly to change—a method that keeps our team dynamic and productive.

One of the challenges that every developer faces, and that I encounter daily, is keeping up-to-date with the rapidly evolving tech world. Fortunately, we have a dedicated channel where our senior developers share the latest trends and insights. This peer-learning culture fosters an environment of continuous development, making the challenge less daunting and more exciting.

"We work in an agile environment, which means we iterate quickly, value customer collaboration, and respond promptly to change—a method that keeps our team dynamic and productive."

Working at a startup is a unique experience, particularly if it's your first time, as it is for me. It's been nine months of exhilarating growth and learning. The pace can be hectic, but in a rewarding way that makes you feel like you're genuinely making a difference.

My colleagues are an indispensable part of my journey here. Their willingness to help and their positive attitude make working at Hokodo a truly enjoyable experience. Even though I've only been here for a relatively short period, the regular catch-ups and the constant support make me feel valued and heard.

When lunchtime rolls around, I often take a moment to step away from the screen. Whether it's going to the gym, taking a walk, or exploring different remote work locations, these breaks provide a refreshing change of scenery that keeps my creative juices flowing.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of my role is the constant opportunity to learn and build. Each new project is a chance to expand my skills, and each completed task is a testament to the power of technology in solving real-world problems.

As the day winds down, I take a moment to reflect on the work done and plan for the next day. This reflection is crucial in a startup environment where every task contributes significantly to the larger goals of the business.

To conclude, being a Frontend Developer at Hokodo is an adventure—a journey of continuous learning, building, and contributing to a team that's passionate about enhancing user experiences. Each day is a blend of exciting challenges, rewarding accomplishments, and the joy of working with a supportive and friendly team.

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