Webinar: Accelerating revenue growth with embedded finance


Embedded finance has been one of the hottest topics in the world of financial services in recent years, with startups and incumbents alike developing and delivering financial products at the point of need. Even if they don’t realise it, consumers use embedded finance any time they book an Uber, add insurance to an online purchase at the checkout or use Apple Pay to complete a transaction.

But what about the world of business-to-business trade? How can B2B companies leverage the power of embedded finance to gain a competitive edge and grow their revenue?

In this webinar hosted by Hokodo, expert speakers from Citi and Anthemis explore the pain points and opportunities that are driving innovation and adoption of embedded finance in B2B. Watch now to find out:

  • How embedded finance can improve the overall checkout experience
  • How B2B businesses can leverage embedded finance to gain a competitive advantage
  • How much development work is required to embed financial services

Watch the webinar now:


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