Inside Hokodo

The story behind Hokodo’s brand new look

The Founders

As part of the ongoing evolution of the Hokodo brand, we are thrilled to unveil our new vision, mission, values and visual identity.

Since launching our B2B Buy Now, Pay Later solution in late 2019, Hokodo has been a pioneer in the modernisation of trade between businesses, resulting in team growth of more than 200%. In order to reflect the radical growth of our team and the developments we’ve seen in the wider industry, we decided it was time to refresh our company mission and update our brand identity.

The story so far…

In a time where technology has transformed the way we trade, the potential for progress is greater than ever. The digital economy offers new possibilities for companies, consumers and commerce as a whole. However, while consumers now have access to more flexibility and control over what and how they buy, trade between businesses remains complex, curbed by manual processes, incomplete information and a lack of trust.

It’s about time these businesses got the credit they deserve.

We believe B2B e-commerce has been held back by inadequate payment methods for too long. That's why we're changing the way they're designed and delivered, by empowering merchants with the ability to offer credit terms to businesses of all sizes, in real-time. Hokodo offers a seamless Buy Now, Pay Later solution that benefits everyone, in a way that's simple, safe and supported.

Where we are today

We started out with a small team and a big ambition, to revolutionise the world of B2B e-commerce. Since then we've refined our approach, grown our team and rolled out across the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands. We now have over 30 merchant partners and more than 30,000 buyers transacting on our platform. But we're just getting started.

Our brand new look

Our new visual identity represents who we are and what we do as a company, and is made up of 3 key components: our logo, colour palette and supergraphics.


Our new logo is a subtle visual representation of what we do. The nudge in the crossbar of the H represents a shift and speaks to the idea of ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ as we enable business customers to delay the cost of their online purchases. Our strapline “Buy. Sell. Do. More” highlights the benefits that we bring not just to B2B merchants and marketplaces, but also their customers who are no longer constrained by cash flow issues. 

Colour palette

We wanted something that was really fresh and would help us to stand out from the crowd so we opted for a turquoise which felt vibrant but also ownable as the lead colour in our primary palette. The darker and neutral colours give a nice balance to our visual identity and help us to give business buyers an excellent user experience across all of our touchpoints. 


Our supergraphics are what really makes our visual identity come together, giving our website and other branded communications a unique look and feel. We have four in total, and they were created from the very essence of what Hokodo is all about: helping both buyers and sellers to scale and grow their businesses.

Take a look at the video below to see how all elements of our new visual identity work together!

Creating value

As part of our rebranding process, we wanted to distil life at Hokodo into the core values that we all live and work by. What better way to do that than to ask our team about what’s most important to each of them as a Hokodian?

The set of values we arrived at are reflective of the culture at Hokodo, shaping how we interact with our peers and guiding us to do better work every day.

Here’s what we came up with, together.

01. Own the outcome.

We all have the power to make our company better. We think like entrepreneurs, we envision the possibilities, we anticipate challenges and embrace what could be. We think big and strive for excellence, it’s the results that matter.

02. Trust and build trust.

The faith we have in each other is critical to team success. We’re low ego and see everyone in the team as an equal. Trusting each other to make the best decisions and putting the interests of the collective and the company as a whole above individual ambitions.

03. Never be satisfied.

There is no time to be complacent. We believe that things can always be improved, and our ambition and hunger drives us to constantly learn more and do more. We continuously look to bring out the best in ourselves and each other. Failure is not something to be feared as long as we fail fast and learn from our mistakes.

04. No passion, no point.

We are passionate about our work because we care about making a difference. Our work is serious, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We have fun whilst getting the job done. What’s the point in working on something if you don’t enjoy it? If there’s no passion, there’s no point.

05. Be genuine (no BS).

We don’t do things for appearance’s sake. We recognise that being open and honest with our team and customers is vital to our success. We’re independent thinkers, guided by our principles and always believe in doing the right thing - there are no hidden agendas at Hokodo.

The next step

Hokodo has made a lot of progress since our inception, but creating a world in which every company has access to the financial tools they need to buy, sell and do more is no small task. 

Now we’ve shared our new brand identity with the world, it’s time for the hard work to truly begin. We’d love for you to join us on this journey as we continue to help businesses to buy, sell and do more.

Whether you’re looking to integrate Buy Now, Pay Later into your online checkout or are keen to share your talents with one of Europe’s most exciting startups, we want to hear from you. Book a demo or check out our current job openings today.

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