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Reason #6 to choose Hokodo: Full protection from non-payment, credit risk and fraud


We recently published an ebook that explores 6 of the key reasons to choose Hokodo as your Digital Trade Credit or B2B Buy Now, Pay Later provider. In the final blog post of this series, we look at the sixth reason to choose Hokodo – our guarantee that you’ll be protected from non-payment, credit risk and fraud.

When building Hokodo, we’ve taken careful steps to ensure that the merchants and marketplaces who choose to partner with us are protected against all forms of fraud and credit risk.

Credit checkers

Backing from Lloyd’s of London means you are protected against all credit risks including non-payment, clawbacks and insolvency of your buyers. Less time spent worrying about credit risk means you can focus on what matters: your business goals and growth.

Fraud fighters

Fraud risks such as impersonation or account takeover plague e-commerce and remote sales. We understand that trust is paramount in B2B and we support our merchants and marketplaces with advanced fraud mitigation strategies balancing high acceptance rates with full protection against fraud risk.

Our robust decision-making engine means that these additional checks are only required for 4% of transactions on average. Around 80% of these are approved following manual review.

Want to learn more about Hokodo’s pioneering fraud risk management strategy? Watch this short video.

100% payment, guaranteed

We guarantee that you’ll receive 100% of the money you’re owed, even if we’re unable to collect payment from your buyer. We protect our merchants and marketplaces against all non-payment risks: buyer insolvency, protracted default (failure to pay) from the buyer, bad intent (friendly fraud), chargebacks, impersonation and account takeovers. Many other providers are unable to make this guarantee.

Why choose Hokodo?

  • Receive 100% of every payment you’re owed, even if your customer is unable to pay.
  • Trade and grow confidently in the knowledge that we’re taking care of all credit and fraud risks.
  • Eradicate the operational burden of manual fraud and credit checks, allowing you to focus on what you do best: running your business.

Want to find out why else Hokodo is the right choice when it comes to offering credit terms on your online platform? Download the ebook today.

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