Hokodo and Balance Power Cross-Border Payment Terms for Global Merchants and Marketplaces


London/New York, October 23, 2023 - Hokodo, headquartered in Europe, and Balance, based in the United States, are announcing today a first-of-its-kind partnership that will redefine the global payment terms landscape and create new opportunities for B2B buyers and sellers. 

This collaboration establishes a one-stop shop for payment terms, so that global B2B companies can now effortlessly offer flexible payment terms to customers across Europe and North America. As merchants prioritize growth and attracting more customers, offering favorable payment terms is a strategic approach to achieving this goal. Furthermore, quick and easy access to credit plays a crucial role in cultivating loyal customers that keep coming back to buy. 

Recent research by Balance and Hokodo underscores the significance of having a unified payment terms solution that seamlessly spans multiple regions, with an impressive 62% of B2B sellers indicating the need for such a solution. 

This partnership meets this demand and represents a pivotal moment in the evolution of digital trade credit.

The Hokodo and Balance global financing solution enables the following:

Swift and Adaptable Payment Terms: Buyers and sellers now have access to flexible financing terms comparable to B2C-like BNPL solutions, providing unmatched convenience to all stakeholders.

Technology-Powered Confidence: Leveraging the robust technological foundations of both companies, this partnership ensures speed, compliance, and reliability in assessing buyer profiles.

Global Accessibility: According to Balance and Hokodo’s latest research, only 16% of B2B sellers find it ‘very easy’ to offer payment terms to B2B buyers in new countries. With this partnership, B2B firms can provide payment terms to buyers in Europe and North America via a single solution.

API-First Approach: Rooted in API technology, the partnership offers fully flexible and modular solutions tailored precisely to the unique needs of merchants and marketplaces and easily plugs into existing platforms and software.

First up to benefit from these transatlantic payment terms is FoodoMarket, a France-based food marketplace for restaurants and caterers.

“As we scale internationally, it’s been a real challenge to offer payment terms to buyers in new regions,” says Eric Nivoix, CEO at FoodoMarket. “The unique relationship between Hokodo and Balance means that global marketplaces like ours can take our operations across the world without impacting the customer experience.”

“Our mission is to empower global online merchants, enabling them to offer net terms to buyers as they scale. Hokodo plays a pivotal role in achieving this," affirmed Bar Geron, Balance's CEO. “The partnership will empower merchants to scale their international operations rapidly.”

Buyers and sellers can look forward to a future where global trade credit is more accessible and efficient thanks to this collaboration.

"It was crucial for us to find a partner not only with the right technological foundation, but with values and a culture that match our own. In Balance, we have found just that,” stated Richard Thornton, Hokodo's Co-Founder and Co-CEO.

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