Hiring for success at Hokodo

Chris Yea
Head of Talent

As Hokodo continues to grow, making sure we are attracting the right talent is key to our success. Often when businesses are scaling, the pressure to increase headcount can sometimes come at the expense of ensuring candidates are the right long-term match. I imagine our recruitment process at Hokodo as a game of Tetris. It isn't just about finding a piece that fits, but also one that completes and enhances the larger picture. We look for candidates who come armed not only with the right set of skills and experience, but also an alignment with our values, the critical combo that takes us to the next level

Picture our talent search at Hokodo like an exciting scavenger hunt. We're not just sitting around, waiting for treasures (job applications) to come our way; we're constantly following the map to find the spot marked X. How do we do this? Our tools are LinkedIn and Google, among others. Using Boolean searches (which are kind of like the special maps and clues in our hunt), we unearth treasures such as software engineers coding away on GitHub or GitLab, or marketeers creating their own spotlight on YouTube.

We're not just content with digging up the treasure chest, though. Once we’ve done so, we swap our pirate hats for phone headsets to ensure we select the most valuable gems. 

Boosting diversity

In our quest for the best talent, think of us as navigators on a journey across the globe. We spread our recruitment net far and wide, being as broad as possible with our job descriptions. Our strategy is inclusivity, aiming to tap into all talents. There's a commonly cited claim that men often apply for a job when they meet around 60% of the requirements whereas women apply when they meet closer to 100%. To level the playing field, we streamline our essentials, focusing on key qualifications, not an exhaustive wish-list.

As meticulous mapmakers, we run our job ads through gender decoders, ensuring our language points equally to every corner of the talent world. Like the finest explorers, we're willing to go the extra mile. We provide sponsorship visas to encourage more diversity in our crew.

We're on a mission to dispel the mists of unconscious bias, providing our managers with the compass of awareness. Our selection isn't handed over to impersonal tech, because we believe every potential crew member deserves an actual conversation, not an algorithmic decision. 

In our inclusive expedition at Hokodo, we've chartered an accessible course for all our mates, including our neurodivergent comrades. Think of it as a clear, step-by-step treasure map, marking each stage of the recruitment journey. No cryptic clues or unexpected detours - we keep everyone well-informed about their current position and what lies ahead.

And it doesn't stop there. We actively check if any crew members need special tools or resources for their voyage. Whether it's an adjusted interview setup or specific preparation pointers, we're here to make sure everyone's journey is as smooth and successful as possible.

Shared values

At Hokodo, we're not merely recruiting crew members to sail our ship smoothly; we want them to influence the direction we're heading and the sea shanty we sing. This is what we call a 'culture add'— it's less about blending into the existing crew, and more about enhancing the symphony of our collective values.

After all, a ship where everyone is exactly alike might make for a pleasant pub gathering on shore leave, but it doesn't necessarily navigate the challenging waves of fintech innovation. Instead, we prize those who bring diverse perspectives, steering us towards growth and progress.

Finding these contributors is more an art of attentive listening than interrogation. Sure, we'll ask about past voyages and how their experiences relate to the journey ahead at Hokodo. But we're keenly attuned to, not just what they say, but how they say it. Can they express ideas clearly, given our multinational crew? Do their values resonate through their narratives?

This approach charts a consistent course in our hiring process, creating a pipeline of diverse talent. Each new recruit is like a fresh gust of wind, helping us sail forward while enriching our ship's unique culture. Together, we navigate the seas of success.

Think you’ve got the right culture add? Check out our latest job listings or get in touch with Chris today.