7 B2B predictions for 2023

Ethan Cumming
Content Writer

Last week we launched an ebook that sets forth an extensive list of Hokodo’s predictions for the coming year. Covering everything from employment trends to embedded finance, via fraud, AI and payments, seven members of Hokodo’s expert leadership team took the time to explore the ideas, trends and developments that are likely to impact the business-to-business (B2B) space over the next 12 months. 

Here’s a taster of the predictions you can expect to find in the ebook.

  1. Hokodo Co-founder and co-CEO Louis Carbonnier explores the impact of embedded finance in B2B.
“For 2023 and beyond, I predict embedded finance will reshape markets, levelling the field for smaller players. For businesses that don’t want to get left behind, it’s time to run and take a leap. The train is leaving the station.”
  1. Sania Kudaibergen, our VP of Operations, predicts that this year will bring a fresh wave of workers with high expectations.
“In 2023, I predict a surge of tech professionals will join the B2B market, improving user experiences and in-house digital transformation dramatically. Those that don’t up their tech game could fall dangerously behind.”
  1. The potential for digital trade credit to release much-needed liquidity for businesses is top of mind for Head of Sales, Ben Coventry.
“Over the next decade, I predict that digital trade credit will take the B2B world by storm, releasing much-needed liquidity. It will provide an invaluable lifeline to the 400 million SMEs worldwide, not to mention the billions of employees who depend on their success.”
  1. Director of Data Science and Fraud, Nicolas Rabinovitch, expects that fraud will escalate for B2B merchants.
“Over 2023, I predict that successful companies will be able to shield themselves from payment fraud – in part, thanks to digital trade credit services. Those that fail to adopt digital solutions could lose both revenue and opportunities.”
  1. Meanwhile, our VP of Marketing, Lucy Heavens, believes that payment convenience will conquer all in 2023.
“Today, small businesses struggle with unsuitable payment terms, and they’re often required to pay for their stock or materials upfront. This system isn’t economically sustainable. I predict that in 2023, B2B checkouts will undergo a radical transformation or get hopelessly left behind.”
  1. For Sami Ben Hatit – Hokodo’s Co-Founder and CTO – the most significant development in 2023 will be the changing relationship between technology and B2B business models.
“For 2023, I predict that buyer demand will shape the new face of B2B sales and business models.”
  1. Richard Thornton, Hokodo’s Co-Founder and co-CEO, predicts that trade credit will go unstoppably digital over the next 12 months.
“For 2023, my prediction is that trade credit will get a serious digital makeover. And the ripple effect will be significant – especially for SMEs.”

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