Do you know what B2B e-commerce buyers really want?

We’re beyond excited to share our new research report, ‘The Definitive Guide to B2B E-commerce Buyer Demands in 2024’.

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We surveyed 500 buyers across Europe and the UK to learn about their demands and requirements of online purchasing in 2024. Download the report to learn how to meet and exceed buyer expectations.

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Download ‘The Definitive Guide to B2B E-commerce Buyer Demands in 2024’ now!

B2B trade isn’t just moving online… it’s already there

E-commerce is the first port of call for the vast majority of B2B buyers – especially those making frequent and repeat purchases. But things aren’t all sunshine and rainbows.

But don’t just take our word for it

Here’s how we helped businesses like yours to accelerate business growth with 30, 60 and 90-day payment terms.

What we're all about

Hokodo helps B2B e-commerce merchants and marketplaces offer flexible payment terms instantly and at the point of need. Our solution covers every aspect of trade credit management. 
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Credit scoring

Give your buyers the credit they deserve thanks to cutting-edge underwriting
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Fraud detection

Sophisticated automations and expert fraud analysts keep you safe.
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Risk Protection

Keep your money, even if a buyer fails to pay, thanks to backing from Lloyd’s of London.
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Your buyers get to pay later, while you get paid upfront and in full. Everyone wins!
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Payment processing

Relevant settlement methods (bank transfer, direct debit, card…) maximise conversion and empower buyers to pay on their terms.
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Handled with care and professionalism to preserve your commercial relationships.

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Rewatch or webinar to uncover all the key findings from the report.

Who will be speaking?

Louis Carbonnier

Co-founder & President

Louis is the co-founder and President of Hokodo where he leads the product strategy of the company’s payment terms solutions.  Hokodo works with wholesalers, online B2B marketplaces and other merchants to make selling to business buyers easier.

Chris Gee

Chris is the UK Chapter Lead at B2B eCommerce Association, the leading professional network and resource for companies and merchants who want to succeed in B2B eCommerce and digital transformation.

Aaron Sheehan

Product Marketing Director
Oro Commerce

Aaron is the Director of Product Marketing at OroCommerce, the leading eCommerce platform for B2B that helps distributors, manufacturers, wholesalers, and large retailers perform online transactions between businesses.

Jason Greenwood

Founder & Lead Consultant
Greenwood Consulting

Jason has more than 23 years working in eCommerce, and currently helps mid/large wholesale brands sort out their people, process, tech, ops and data challenges so they can execute on the huge opportunity that is eCommerce.

Showing them how it’s done

Our clients have built e-commerce and payment terms strategies tailored to buyer demands. Here’s how.

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