What we do

An end-to-end payment solution for B2B.

Level the playing field between your business and its competitors by offering business buyers the flexibility to pay now or pay later within one checkout flow.

The challenge today

B2B sellers want to offer the checkout experience, payment schedules and settlement methods that their customers expect and deserve. However, they don’t have the time to integrate a myriad of outdated payment solutions into their checkout – not to mention the upkeep of associated commercial and technical relationships.

Buyers face inconsistency and friction, when all they want is a one-click purchase and the option to pay in a way that suits them. To avoid losing their buyers to a competitor who can provide this experience, B2B sellers have to grant trade credit off their own balance sheet – but this puts cash flow at risk and restricts growth potential.

The B2B sector is long overdue a low-cost, risk-free payment platform that incorporates all the needs of buyers and sellers. Hokodo’s complete payment solution does just that.

A scalable, all-in-one payment solution for B2B businesses

Level the playing field

  • Get started quickly with a full payment stack in one integration.
  • Compete on an even playing field with more established businesses.
  • Unlock the working capital you need to achieve growth goals.
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Provide a consistent customer experience

  • Empower buyers to pay how they want – now or later – with a modern checkout solution.
  • Tailored 14, 30, 45, 60, 90 days or end of month payment terms for your buyers
  • Harmonise the payment experience on your platform for buyers and for your team.
  • Forge long lasting customer loyalty with a superior user experience and an attractive, functional checkout.

Simplify operations

  • Eliminate the need to integrate with multiple providers by integrating an end-to-end digital-first solution with pay now and pay later functions.
  • Credit scoring, insurance, collections, fraud protection, financing and payments all in one solution.
  • Reduce operational burden for finance, sales, collections and other teams.
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Protect your business

  • Get peace of mind and financial security with 100% credit and fraud risk protection against all types of non-payment.
  • Receive full payment for all orders, even if your buyer is unable or unwilling to pay.

End-to-end B2B payments

Hokodo’s all-in-one B2B payment solution covers every element of the order-to-cash cycle. We don’t rely on any third parties, meaning we can make decisions and accept more buyers at a faster rate.

Supercharge the performance and efficiency of your B2B payment solution with our merchant dashboard

Achieve unparalleled visibility of order statuses, effortlessly generate orders, access customer credit limits, and conveniently amplify them as required.

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