Transform your B2B Shopify store with SparkLayer and Hokodo

Convert your website into a powerful B2B ordering platform, and enable your customers to Buy Now, Pay Later at checkout.

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Effortless integration, maximum impact

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Up and running in no time

Integrating payment terms into your checkout has never been easier. No coding required, simply activate with your Hokodo API key.

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Smooth shopping experience

Provide flexible payment options and the choice to Buy Now, Pay Later at checkout, without customers ever leaving your store.

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Increased revenues

With more new business, larger basket sizes and higher purchase frequency, Hokodo’s merchants have seen conversions increase by 40%!

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Protection against non-payment

Hokodo is backed by Lloyd’s of London, so you're always protected. If you choose, you can get paid as soon as the goods have been delivered.

A simple,
safe solution

How it works


Customers shop as normal

Your customer makes use of Sparklayer's frontend features to quickly place their orders. In the background, Hokodo checks the buyer's credit score and fraud risk.


Then, they head to the checkout page

Customers only see the payment options for which they have been approved.


Customers choose to Buy Now, Pay Later

They select their preferred Hokodo payment option.


We pay you upfront

Once the goods are shipped or the service delivered, we pay you. There’s no need to wait for your customers to pay us and you don’t have to worry about bad debt or the hassle of collecting payments.

Find out what Hokodo can do for your Sparklayer store today