Transform your B2B Shopify store with SparkLayer and Hokodo

Convert your website into a powerful B2B ordering platform, and enable your customers to Buy Now, Pay Later at checkout.

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Together, SparkLayer and Hokodo can bring you...

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Customer-specific pricing

Your Shopify store becomes a feature-rich B2B ordering platform. Customers can see their special pricing, pack-size rules and minimum order quantities all in one place.

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A seamless shopping experience

Customers can enjoy time-saving features to make ordering quick and simple, and access trade credit in real time.

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Increased revenues

With more new business, larger basket sizes and higher purchase frequency, Hokodo’s merchants have seen conversions increase by 40%!

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Guaranteed payment

Hokodo is backed by Lloyd’s of London, so you’re always protected. If you choose, you can get paid as soon as the goods have been delivered.

See the power of SparkLayer and Hokodo


Your customers make use of SparkLayer’s frontend features to quickly place their orders.


Hokodo’s APIs run real-time checks on the buyer’s credit score and fraud risk, meaning customers only see the payment options available to them.


Customers choose Hokodo as a payment option at checkout and their preferred terms.


You choose when you get paid by Hokodo, and your customer pays Hokodo back on a flexible schedule that suits them.

Find out what SparkLayer and Hokodo can do for your Shopify store today