Trade Credit

Webinar: Unlocking Global Payment Terms in 2024


79% of businesses in the UK and the US agree that providing trade credit to buyers will be essential for their growth in 2024 – so why is it still so difficult for them to offer cross-border payment terms?

Join Hokodo and Balance on Wednesday, 28th February 2024 at 16:00 GMT / 17:00 CET / 11:00 EST to learn:

  • Why just 16% of B2B sellers think that it is ‘very easy’ to offer global payment terms
  • Why 62% of B2B sellers want a payment terms solution that can be applied across multiple regions
  • How you can accelerate growth by offering trade credit to international buyers

In this webinar, Hokodo Co-founder and President Louis Carbonnier will join Bar Geron, Co-founder and CEO of Balance, in a discussion about the crucial role that payment terms play in fuelling growth of the global B2B economy.

Groundbreaking market research carried out by Hokodo and Balance serves as a backdrop for the conversation. Together, Louis and Bar will explore the findings of our joint research report based on survey responses from more than 200 businesses across Europe and the US. We will dive deep into the perception and impact of global payment terms across several industries and regions.

Offering payment terms isn’t always easy, especially in a cross-border context. Louis and Bar will provide actionable insights for B2B sellers looking to overcome the challenges associated with offering payment terms, including topics such as:

  • Managing compliance and regulation
  • Providing an optimised buyer experience
  • Meeting regional buyer preferences

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