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Reason #4 to choose Hokodo: You are a partner, not just a customer


We recently published an ebook that explores 6 of the key reasons to choose Hokodo as your Digital Trade Credit or B2B Buy Now, Pay Later provider. In this blog post, we look at reason number four – the fact that when you work with us you are a partner, not just a customer.

At Hokodo, the merchants and marketplaces we work with are partners – not just customers.

What’s the difference?

A customer is a person who buys goods or services from a shop or business. ‘Partner’ implies something more. Partners collaborate and support each other over an extended period. The success of one partner directly impacts the success of the other, so they have each other's best interests at heart.

What’s the play?

We work with you to define a bespoke solution that matches your growth goals and expectations. We're not about fitting a square peg into a round hole – our modular credit management solution caters to the subtleties of your business.

But it doesn’t stop there. All customers are assigned a Customer Success Manager (CSM) who guides you through the onboarding and integration process.

If you’re introducing trade credit to your customers for the first time, we provide top quality marketing materials and buyer activation support including (but not limited to) website banners and email templates, which promote your new digital trade credit solution to your customers.

If you already offer trade credit and are switching to Hokodo, your CSM will advise on how best to position Hokodo’s solution to your customers. 

Once onboarded, your CSM will continue to be your dedicated point of contact at Hokodo, able to offer regular catch-ups and ad hoc support whenever you need it. Support from our solutions engineers and tech teams is available at all times and never charged for.

What’s the result?

Some providers simply want to sign up as many merchants as possible, regardless of whether trade credit will actually help them to sell more and grow their business.

At Hokodo, we don’t just work with anybody. Our sales process is consultative, meaning that we act as advisers to your team, only suggesting an integration with Hokodo if we genuinely believe that it’s going to help you generate more value.

We rely on uptake from your buyers in order to make revenue, so we are invested in ensuring that a Hokodo solution will be beneficial to your customers.

Why choose Hokodo?

  • Hokodo doesn’t just offer a payment option and then leave you out in the cold. Ongoing support and guidance is offered to every merchant partner. 
  • We are invested in your growth and offer a long-term strategy to help you reach your goals and achieve ROI.
  • The business case is clear and you can be confident that our solution is going to add real value for your customers.

Want to find out why else Hokodo is the right choice when it comes to offering credit terms on your online platform? Download the ebook today.