Reason #3 to choose Hokodo: Unparalleled industry expertise and international footprint


We recently published an ebook that explores 6 of the key reasons to choose Hokodo as your Digital Trade Credit or B2B Buy Now, Pay Later provider. In this blog post, we look at the third reason – our unmatched industry expertise and the pan-European footprint we’ve developed so far.

We're experts at structuring the right solution for you, ranging from trade credit outsourcing and BNPL to credit insurance, receivable financing and buyer financing. This is partly thanks to the experience and expertise of our international team.

Pan-European reach

We have developed a digital trade credit solution that is operational in 6 of Europe’s largest markets accounting for 80% of the continent’s SMEs. But we didn’t get there by copy and pasting the first iteration of our solution – we had to adapt it to the idiosyncrasies of each country.

A map depicting the 6 countries Hokodo operates in.

Today, there are several digital trade credit providers operating in Europe, but Hokodo has been helping merchants offer payment terms longer than any other providers, meaning we’ve had the chance to grow farther and faster. 

Hokodo has offices in London and Paris, with employees from across the world. 

Where it all began…

Back in 2018, two of Hokodo’s founders – Louis Carbonnier and Sami – were working at Euler Hermes (now Allianz Trade), the world leader in trade credit insurance. Meanwhile, Richard Thornton, Hokodo’s third co-founder, was Group COO and Head of Strategy at Aspen Insurance. Louis, Sami and Richard’s collective experience of the world of insurance helped them identify the gap in the market that Hokodo would fill, but also provided them with the springboard they needed to successfully lead a digital trade credit provider. 

Industry insights

At Hokodo, we have both breadth and depth of industry knowledge. In part, this comes from the varied career backgrounds of our experienced and talented team. With former employees of Klarna, Stripe, Checkout, Oliver Wyman and more in our ranks, we have a wealth of fintech, payments and insurance expertise at our disposal.

Additionally, thanks to niche sector expertise in industries like freight, we understand the unique challenges faced by different businesses and know that a ‘one size fits all’ payments solution simply won’t work for the entire B2B sector. 

Why choose Hokodo?

  • Our foundation was built on rich knowledge of payments, fintech and B2B trade, so we’re better equipped to support you as you grow.
  • We understand the subtle differences between the opportunities and pain points in different industries and provide payment solutions to tackle the unique challenges you face.
  • We can meet you and your buyers in Europe’s biggest markets.

Want to find out why else Hokodo is the right choice when it comes to offering credit terms on your online platform? Download the ebook today.

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