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Reason #2 to choose Hokodo: Superior performance


We recently published an ebook that explores 6 of the key reasons to choose Hokodo as your Digital Trade Credit or B2B Buy Now, Pay Later provider. In this blog post, we look at reason number two – our superior performance and tech platform.

Thanks to a pioneering technology platform at Hokodo’s foundation, we deliver superior outcomes to our merchant partners.

  • Fastest responses (<300ms) and instant underwriting maximise conversion rates and end the back & forth between sales and finance.
  • Best in class offer rates mean more of your customers are eligible for payment terms. All else being equal, our merchants win more often against the competition.
  • Superior user experience (UX) leaves buyers delighted and able to check out fast while choosing the settlement method of their choice.
  • We never let you down: our uptime is without rival in the industry.
  • Real-time decisions powered by application programming interfaces (APIs) means that Hokodo’s payment solutions can fit the workflow of any merchant.

Start your (underwriting) engines

Our CTO, Sami Ben Hatit, and his team of expert engineers have developed an underwriting engine in-house, rather than choosing to outsource credit decisions to a third party. This allows us to have the greatest control over our own risk appetite, while enabling us to offer credit to many businesses. Our merchant partners love that we don’t exclude their most valuable customers from accessing credit.

Exceeding expectations

There are two things you really need to get right in e-commerce: uptime and latency. Uptime is the time during which a website, app or solution is operational, while latency refers to the average time it takes for data to be transferred from one place to another.

Your e-commerce platform is live 24/7 and you want your customers to be satisfied by the speed and responsiveness of your website. Hokodo supports you by providing a digital-first credit solution with maximum uptime and credit decisions made in under 1 second.

By comparison, some other digital trade credit providers ask buyers to wait minutes, hours or even days for credit approval. To put it into context, every 1 second delay that a customer has to wait can hurt conversion rates by 7%.

Why choose Hokodo?

  • Partner with us in confidence knowing that we’ve built a solution that matches the high specifications of your own platform.
  • Meet and exceed your customers’ expectations with an always-on checkout experience that is fast and responsive.

Want to find out why else Hokodo is the right choice when it comes to offering credit terms on your online platform? Download the ebook today.

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