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Reason #1 to choose Hokodo: Full service end-to-end credit management


We recently published an ebook that explores 6 of the key reasons to choose Hokodo as your Digital Trade Credit or B2B Buy Now, Pay Later provider. In this blog post, we look at the first reason – our full service, end-to-end credit management capability.

One of the key competitive advantages of choosing to partner with Hokodo is access to an end-to-end digital trade credit solution that covers all areas of the order-to-cash cycle.

For years, the only way for B2B merchants and marketplaces to offer trade credit to their online customers has been through cobbling together various solutions from multiple providers such as insurers, invoice factoring companies and collections agencies. 

FlorAccess, a B2B wholesaler of plants and horticultural goods, was experiencing this issue before partnering with Hokodo.

“We wanted to find a partner who could combine not only invoice insurance, but also the ability to factor it and finance the transactions,” says Ewoud Goorts, founder and managing director of FlorAccess, explaining that his business had to work with a set of different providers for every country in which they operated. With presence in 27 European countries, that’s a lot of different providers. “There was a lot of overhead. It wasn’t harmonised at all,” he adds.

Hokodo has helped FlorAccess to streamline their digital trade credit process, freeing up valuable time for Ewoud and his team, while improving the experience for buyers.

Find out more about how digital trade credit is helping FlorAccess to flourish.

Why choose Hokodo?

  • Our proprietary technology, credit and analytics stack does not rely on any third parties, meaning we can make credit decisions and accept more of your buyers at a faster rate.
  • You can outsource the entire order-to-cash cycle to us, rather than struggling to harmonise several disconnected solutions. This frees up time for your team to focus on your business goals and growth.
  • Alternatively, merchants can choose which building blocks of the credit management process to outsource to Hokodo and which to retain in-house.

Want to find out why else Hokodo is the right choice when it comes to offering credit terms on your online platform? Download the ebook today.

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