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A day in the life of a Senior Talent Partner at Hokodo

Myriam Squalli
Senior Talent Partner

As a Senior Talent Partner at Hokodo, every day is an exciting challenge that brings new opportunities to help the company grow and thrive. In the two months since joining the company, I have worked closely with the French and UK offices to identify and recruit top talent, while also working on projects that focus on candidate experience, diversity and inclusion, compliance, and interview preparation.

One of the things I love most about my job is the variety of tasks that I get to work on each day. One day, I might be reaching out to potential candidates and conducting phone screenings, while the next day, I could be rebuilding entire processes and working on complex projects. I’m constantly learning and growing in my role, and every day is an opportunity to make a positive impact on the company.

One of the things that truly stood out to me when I first joined Hokodo was the clear dedication to providing a top-notch candidate experience. At Hokodo, we understand that each candidate is unique and that their experience during the recruitment process can significantly impact their perception of our company. To ensure that every candidate has a positive and memorable experience, our team has invested considerable time and effort into creating a recruitment process that is both efficient and effective. We have implemented innovative tools and practices that enable us to stay connected with candidates, provide timely updates, and keep them informed throughout the recruitment process.

"I’m constantly learning and growing in my role, and every day is an opportunity to make a positive impact on the company."

Promoting diversity and inclusion is an area that is very close to my heart, and it is also a top priority for Hokodo. We recognize that a diverse workforce is essential to our success, and we are committed to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for everyone. As part of my role, I have had the opportunity to lead initiatives that help us attract and retain diverse talent. This includes identifying new sourcing channels that focus on underrepresented groups and working with hiring managers to ensure that our job descriptions and recruitment processes are unbiased and inclusive. We have also implemented training programs for our hiring managers and interviewers to help them recognize and overcome their own unconscious biases, and we are continuously evaluating and improving our recruitment processes to ensure that they are inclusive and equitable for all candidates.

Finally, I have also been working on our interview preparation processes. We understand that the interview process can be stressful and intimidating for candidates, and we want to ensure that they have the best possible experience. To that end, I have been developing resources and tools that help our candidates to prepare for interviews and present their best selves. This includes sharing insights on Hokodo and our values, plus creating guides on how to more effectively structure their communication and answer common interview questions. 

To summarise, my role as a Senior Talent Partner at Hokodo is incredibly fulfilling and dynamic. Every day, I am presented with new challenges and opportunities to make a meaningful impact on our recruitment processes, team culture, and candidate experiences. As I continue in this role, I am excited to build on these successes and collaborate with my colleagues to identify new areas for growth and development. Together, we can help to create a company that not only achieves its business goals but also fosters a culture of excellence, diversity, and inclusivity!

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