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Instalment payments

Empower your buyers to split payments for their purchases across 3, 4 or 5 monthly instalments, while you receive full payment upfront.

The challenge today

For buyers and sellers alike, the trade credit process is lengthy, risky and a drain on resources. Hokodo’s solutions put an end to these pains.

B2B buyers need the option to spread payment over several months, but the process of splitting payments and taking them at the right time can be an administrative nightmare for sellers. 

When they do offer it, sellers often end up granting payment terms off their own balance sheet in order to satisfy buyer expectations for instalment schemes, putting their cash flow at risk and restricting growth potential. Meanwhile, buyers must print and post handwritten forms, then wait days for approval only to find out they might not be eligible.

With Hokodo’s instalment payments solution, the checkout experience is simple, safe and streamlined.

Give your B2B buyers full flexibility on how to pay

Hokodo’s instalment payments provide buyers with a B2C-like checkout experience and the freedom to spread the cost of their purchases across 3, 4, or 5 monthly instalments. Discover the benefits of instalment payments below.

Unlock business growth and boost customer retention

  • Buyers access instalment schemes, even on their first purchase, thanks to a cutting-edge underwriting engine and real-time credit decisions.
  • Forge long lasting customer loyalty by offering a superior customer experience.
  • Tailor-made for buyers looking to spread the cost of significant purchases, easing financial pressures.
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Expand online or internationally with ease

  • Eliminate the need to integrate with multiple providers when you implement our end-to-end solution.
  • Credit scoring, insurance, collections, fraud protection, financing and payments all in one solution.
  • Scale your business across Europe or take your operations online seamlessly.

Improve cash flow and reduce costs

  • Minimise the financial strain of offering payment terms. Your buyers get finance while you get paid up front and in full.
  • Get peace of mind and financial security with 100% credit and fraud risk protection against all types of non-payment.
  • Eradicate back office inefficiencies so you can focus on achieving growth and generating revenue. We handle collections and provide a solution optimised to your business.
  • Your buyers can split payments over 3, 4, or 5 monthly instalments.
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How Hokodo can help

Hokodo’s payment solutions are fully modular and cover every element of the order-to-cash cycle. You choose which elements you need and which to keep in-house.

How it works

We don’t think you should have to develop new processes when you partner with a payments provider. That’s why our fully customisable solution works with the sales channels you already use.

Pay in instalments

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