What we do

Offer payment terms to buyers instantly, without the need to integrate.

Leverage trade credit without any integration or development work. Offer a seamless payment experience with custom payment links.

The challenge today

Sometimes, B2B sellers know their buyers need access to trade credit, but they don't have resources to deploy for a quick integration. Why should they have to wait?

With our order creation tool, B2B sellers are able to offer buyers a seamless payment experience instantly, without the need to spend time on an integration. Most sellers who use this tool do so temporarily, providing their customers with an optimised payment experience while arranging a future integration.

A digital trade credit solution, without an integration

Hokodo’s order creation tool empowers sellers to offer payment terms to their buyers instantly, even when an immediate integration isn't possible. Reap the benefits of trade credit today.

Start offering payment terms instantly

  • Realise the benefits of a trade credit solution immediately.
  • No integration and no development work means you can start offering payment terms in less than a day.
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 woman holding bank card in her hand and using laptop while making online payment at home

Save internal resources, without compromising on user experience

  • Give your buyers the payment experience they expect, at no expense to your other priorities.
  • Divert your tech resources to more pressing matters.
  • Give your development team the time to add a full integration to their roadmap.

Take the seamlessness of online payments offline

  • Empower your buyers to transact the way that suits them, while providing them with the ease and convenience of Buy Now, Pay Later.
  • Create custom payment links in just a few clicks using the Hokodo merchant dashboard.
  • Tailored 14, 30, 45, 60, 90 days or end of month payment terms for your buyers
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How it works

We don’t think you should have to develop new processes when you partner with a payments provider. That’s why our fully customisable solution works with the sales channels you already use.

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