Buy Now, Pay Later and the Future of B2B Payments

Discover the trends and innovations that are shaping the future of B2B payments in our new white paper, Buy Now, Pay Later and the Future of B2B Payments, featuring insights from Wise, Mirakl, trustshare and more. Download for free below.

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"Offering a multitude of different payment options, including BNPL options, plus making that process as smooth as possible, is crucial."

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Anna Tsyupko
COO at tomatopay

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Spurred by the pandemic, B2B trade has moved online, and most business leaders do not want to return to in-person deal-making, but traditional payment methods don’t allow B2B merchants to offer trade credit when selling online.

This is particularly problematic when over 50% of B2B transactions take place on payment terms and it’s estimated that, soon, 85% of all business trade will happen online.

In Buy Now, Pay Later and the Future of B2B Payments, Hokodo explores the history of Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) for B2B and sheds new light on current trends driving innovation in the industry.

Exclusive interviews with ecosystem connector companies are picked apart to inform our predictions for the future of B2B payments and the crucial role that BNPL has to play as we step into a new digital era for business trade.