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We believe the design and distribution of financial products has been broken for a long time. And we’re on a journey to fix it!

Our Story & Mission

Hokodo was created to put financial solutions within reach of all companies, regardless of their size.”

Hokodo’s story began a few years ago from a simple question: why are so many companies under-insured? Take trade credit insurance, for example: every year across Europe, hundreds of thousands of companies are driven into insolvency because of late or non-payment of invoices.

This represents a massive cost to society in job losses and financial distress; yet insurance solutions exist to almost completely mitigate this issue. The problem is that the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) who could most benefit from these solutions cannot access them.

At Hokodo, we believe that by offering simpler insurance and financing solutions through more efficient distribution channels, we can help SMEs survive and thrive. Our solutions couldn’t be simpler to purchase: one click, no paperwork, no hassle, no intermediaries.

Meet the team

Louis Carbonnier

Co-Founder and Co-CEO

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Richard Thornton

Co-Founder and Co-CEO

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Sami Ben Hatit

Co-Founder and CTO

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Martin Seeger

Senior Advisor Credit Analytics and Machine Learning

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Thanh-Mai Duong

Head of Product and Business Development

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Alexandre Labrosse

Senior Software Engineer

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Arnaud Alepee

Data Science Ninja and Underwriting Manager

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Tim Beeson-Jones

Product Owner

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Our Values and Beliefs

Protect B2B trade and make life better for SMEs

Keep it simple

We believe in simplicity. Business owners don’t have time to read small print, so our products are designed to be simple to understand.

Be passionate, be courageous, be determined

We are entrepreneurial and we’ll do what it takes to build the insurance of tomorrow. Fast.

Embrace new technology

We have seen first hand how modern technology, data, analytics and automation can deliver a customer experience that is light years ahead of what most SMEs experience today.

Our people are what makes us

Hokodo people come from all over the world, with diverse backgrounds but they all are passionate, driven and contrarian enough to think they can disrupt an industry that has resisted change for 200 years.


Our trusted partners help us to shape the insurance of tomorrow

The insurance products underwritten and distributed using Hokodo’s technology are backed by the Channel Syndicate, a unit of SCOR Global P&C.

The Channel Syndicate is managed by The Channel Managing Agency, a fully authorized Lloyd’s Managing Agency. Led by a strong management team and supported by experienced underwriters, the Syndicate started underwriting in 2011 and has subsequently significantly expanded and diversified its operations. With a client centric focus, its underwriters are accessible and empowered to make decisions and work collaboratively with clients to meet their most complex insurance needs.

The Channel Syndicate is a business unit of and is supported by SCOR Global P&C, the non-life segment of the SCOR Group.

Visit www.channel2015.com for more information.

The SCOR Group is a tier 1 and the world’s fifth largest reinsurer, rated AA- by the leading international rating agencies. In 2017, SCOR’s gross written premiums were €14.8bn, of which Property & Casualty comprised approximately €6bn.

Visit www.scor.com for more information.

Lloyd’s is the world’s specialist insurance and reinsurance market.

With expertise earned over centuries, Lloyd’s is the foundation of the insurance industry and the future of it. Led by expert underwriters and brokers who cover more than 200 territories, the Lloyd’s market develops the essential, complex and critical insurance needed to underwrite human progress.

Backed by diverse global capital and excellent financial ratings, Lloyd’s works with a global network to grow the insured world – building resilience for businesses and local communities and strengthening economic growth around the world.

Visit www.lloyds.com for more information.

Founded in 2010, Anthemis is a leading venture capital fund, specialized in financial services and focused on reinventing financial services for the 21st century.

The group works with a diverse group of customers and partners (from startups, VCs to financial institutions) to catalyse and accelerate positive and disruptive change across the financial industry. Anthemis is an investor in Impact 25 companies Flock, Insurdata and Qover.

Visit www.anthemis.com for more information.

Change the future of insurance. Save businesses. Join the team.

Image of the entire team in an open field

Do you want to work in a rapidly growing startup where you can make a real impact? The future of insurance relies on the brightest minds and the biggest hearts. Our people come from all over the world, they all believe in our mission to reinvent our industry. Join Hokodo and be part of the team building tomorrow's insurance.

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