Secure Freight

A quick and easy way for your customers to protect their goods in transit

Your customers' online transactions should be simple and painless. SecureFreight, our API solution, is the quickest and easiest way for your customers to protect their goods in transit or in storage.

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Insurance delivered the way your customers want it

Your customers shouldn't have to worry about whether their goods will arrive safely, or whether their haulage supplier will agree to compensate them for delays.

With SecureFreight, they know they are protected for lost or damaged goods anywhere in the world... all at the click of a button.

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Make your customer journey seamless

Protect your customers' goods in transit with a few clicks. No hassle. No forms. No need for an insurance broker.

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Help your customer to trade safely

Allow your users to focus on their core business, by addressing barriers such as transit risk.

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Improve customer loyalty

Increase loyalty by providing everything on your platform.

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Improve your margins

Generate risk-free income for your platform.

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What will your customer journey look like?

We create an effortless and intuitive customer experience for your users. We enable you to create personalised branded add-ons that your customers will love - leading to a more satisfying experience for them and a higher conversion ratio for you.

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Get started in one minute with our simple and easy-to-use API

We simplify your onboarding process: you sign up to install our SecureFreight solution, we provide you with the API access key and help you take care of the rest.

curl --include \
--request POST \
--header "Content-Type: application/json" \
--header "Authorization: Token your_secret_token" \
--url "" \
--data '{
"debtor": "co-MEcWEu4qR9uLaUV5h48cDQ",
"creditor": "co-CHJPvPdOTCOoIi4vqhZ4mw",
"client": "clnt-v1JunzquQ7mkE1CTgaee1A",
"origin_country": "GB",
"dest_country": "US",
"net_amount": 18000.00,
"gross_amount": 21600.00,
"currency": "GBP",
"issue_date": "2018-07-09",
"due_date": "2018-08-31",
"number": "A1807-004",
"items": [
"description": "Precious goods",
"quantity": 10,
"unit_price": 1800.00,
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Designed for developers, loved by customers

We believe that the insurance of tomorrow will be delivered through APIs, so we have built simple, elegant solutions which can be easily integrated, yet are robust and scalable. Connect our simple and easy-to-use SecureFreight API into your platform in minutes.

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    Simple and Robust API
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    99.9% Uptime, Sub-Second Latency
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    Easy Integration
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    Security First
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    Great Developer Support

Any questions? We have the answers

  • Why do I need insurance for my goods in transit? Am I already covered by my shipper?

    Shippers and hauliers often have a legal liability to compensate customers for damage, but it is important to understand the limitations of that liability. Often compensation is based on factors such as the weight of the goods rather than their actual value. In addition, shippers may rely on exclusions such as acts of God, or inherent vice. Finally, with goods often being handled by multiple firms as they transfer from road to rail or sea, disputes about where responsibility rests are not uncommon, leaving your customer with a big problem.

    SecureFreight is the best way to reduce financial exposure and mitigate transit risks. It won't require you to prove fault on the part of the shipper, and claim settlement is based on invoice valuations. In addition, coverage is door-to-door, regardless of how many different shippers you used.

  • When can I receive my API access key?

    We are still in the Beta phase of SecureFreight. Please register your interest to join the private Beta and be among the first to introduce SecureFreight to your users.

  • Can you help us install SecureFreight on our platform?

    Yes. We want you to provide the best journey to your customers, and our team of financial experts and technologists are there to help you do that.

  • Who is your insurer partner to support your insurance product?

    We arrange partnerships with A/AA-rated insurers and reinsurers, with outstanding reputations of excellence and solidity. The most appropriate one will be selected for you depending of your needs.

Enhance your customer journey today

Be one of the first to introduce SecureFreight to your users and help them protect their goods in transit.