Frontend Engineer


We are looking for an experienced frontend engineer to join our Tech team, to work on Hokodo’s insurance and buy now, pay later platform.

Who are we?

We’re a fast growing team of experienced tech, insurance and data science specialists, based in Paris, London and Berlin, at the early stage of our adventure! We’re well funded too! 😉   We believe in open, transparent teams, filled with quality people aiming together at ambitious goals.

The serious business bit…

We’re bringing B2B commerce into the 21st century with smart, easy to integrate, digital trade credit solutions. To put it simply, we are modernising the way businesses buy from each other by making it easier and safer to offer credit terms to business customers.  

Almost 60% of B2B trade currently takes place on credit terms, yet current processes for offering trade credit are outdated and not fit for the digital age. We solve these issues by offering B2B merchants a powerful set of tools with our Trade Credit as a Service solution, allowing them to offer credit terms to their business customers instantly through a frictionless checkout experience. 🚀

Merchants that have already integrated with us see on average a 40% increase in revenues 💸... and we’re only just getting started.

Who are you?

We’ll let you take a moment to think more philosophically about this, but for us… We are seeking a sharp, energetic and passionate individual. We are looking for all varieties of talented engineers, who are driven to grow and make a difference! 

  • As a frontend engineer at Hokodo, you will carry our value of creating seamless integrations right through the customer journey. This is key to delivering on our promise to bring trade credit into the digital age and offer business customers a seamless service, in the most painless, straightforward and transparent way.
  • You are quick to learn new technologies, while understanding that the latest new thing isn’t necessarily the best tool. Understanding the value of strong testing and attention to detail while staying open minded and willing to learn new technologies. 
  • We know what it’s like to be so involved in a project you get lost in your own bubble, but we’d expect you to be pragmatic and find the right compromise for the sake of overall company goals in delivering our product out to consumers. Whilst we understand you might want your own space, we’re also big on our culture, so you should be open to teamwork and collaboration. 
The techy bit…

Ideally you will be a JavaScript veteran with an excellent understanding of React, a passion for design and a desire to build scalable, modern and accessible web applications.

What skills you'll need:

  • Excellent hands-on knowledge of HTML, CSS, TypeScript/JavaScript, CSS Modules and CSS in JS.
  • Commercial experience in React.js and a deep understanding of lifecycle events, the virtual DOM, state management, etc.
  • Hands on experience of working with a server side JavaScript frameworks such as Express, Next.js, etc.
  • Good understanding of REST and how CRUD operations map to HTTP methods for a well-designed service.

Bonus points, but not necessary:

  • Experience with Next.js
  • Fintech experience
  • Familiar with Python and django REST framework

Our principles:

  • Building scalable, maintainable and accessible web apps 
  • Security is everyone's responsibility
  • Performance is paramount
  • Customer focused design and experience
  • Code quality is an essential part of product quality
  • Always strive for modular and reusable code
  • Consistency and patterns are key to success
  • Open discussions and debates encouraged, we are always learning
  • Automation and pipelines to ensure quality and reliability
  • Aim for simplicity no matter how complex the task

How we work:

  • Slack and Zoom
  • Figma and Micro
  • GitLab
  • Vercel, Netlify and AWS
  • Self management of tasks and workloads, with a typical 2 week cycle of planning
Current tech stack
  • Typescript, React and Next.js in the front-end
  • Python + django REST framework in the back-end
  • PostgreSQL for the database
  • Vercel & AWS for the infrastructure
What’s in it for you…

Aside from the assumed, a competitive remuneration, we're offering the chance to really make a difference. You’ll be working side by side with the founders in a flat structure. The opportunity for personal growth in a fast-moving startup is very real. 

Your opinion and feedback will be heard and valued and you’ll feel a part of a very special family. 

How do I apply?

Click here to apply for this role.