Front-end Engineer

Frontend developer with strong experience building modern web apps with Javascript (familiarity with Vue.js a plus)

About Hokodo

Who are we? We’re an insurance company like no other. We bring the often complicated, confusing, stuffy world of insurance into the 21st century with our cutting edge technology - disrupting the way traditional financial services are distributed to today’s SME’s.

As a frontend web developer at Hokodo, you will carry our value of creating seamless integrations right through the customer journey. We admit Insurance might not be the most attractive industry but our company mission, to enable the success of SMEs, enabling them to protect themselves from bad debtors and insolvencies, is what sets us apart. We care.

1 in 4 SME bankruptcies are caused by cash flow problems, from clients not paying invoices. Almost none of these SMEs know this risk can be insured, and their business saved. No simple, painless and straightforward product exists to do so. Complex insurance products are out of reach from the companies who would benefit the most from them. We want to solve this, help businesses stay alive and grow. We know this is a massive untapped market and hope we can address it.

Our team

We’re a small team of experienced tech, insurance and risk people, based in Paris, London and Berlin, at the early stage of our adventure, and we’re well funded. We believe in open, human and transparent teams, filled with quality people. Cutting across geographical boundaries and functional silos, we don’t accept the traditional separation between business and technology.

What we are looking for

We are looking for talented engineers, who are driven to grow and make a difference. Ideally you will be a JavaScript or Python veteran, with a good understanding of modern web applications, HTTP and REST APIs. Or perhaps you‘re an expert in another language but willing to work in Python or JavaScript? We don’t discriminate! Bonus points if you’re familiar with Vue.js and/or with django REST framework.

You are quick to learn new technologies, while understanding that the latest new thing isn’t necessarily the best tool. Understanding the value of strong testing and attention to detail while staying open minded and willing to learn new technologies.

We know what it’s like to be so involved in a project you get lost in your own bubble, but we’d expect you to be pragmatic and find the right compromise for the sake of overall company goals in delivering our product out to consumers. Whilst we understand you might want your own space, we’re also big on our culture, so you should be open to teamwork and collaboration.

Our current tech stack

  • Python + django REST framework
  • Vue.js
  • PostgreSQL

What’s in it for you

Salary, benefits and equity can be discussed but aside from the assumed, we’re offering the chance to really make a difference. You’ll be working side by side with the founders in a very flat structure. The opportunity for personal growth in a fast moving startup is very real. The platform is yours to bring your technical experience to the table and create something special.

Your opinion and feedback will be heard and valued and you’ll feel a part of a very special family.

How do I apply?

No need for long formalities. Send us a CV via this link and we’ll schedule a video or phone interview.