Back-End software Engineer Intern

Paris, London – Internship

Your Role

Hokodo offers a chance to join a fast-growing startup for a hands-on internship, working directly with the founders in a flat structure.

We’re in the early stages of scaling up our business and so you can expect to be exposed to a variety of tasks: we can give you as much opportunity and responsibility as you’re ready for. Depending on your start date and duration of the internship, you’ll have substantial autonomy to work on the following deliverables:
Design, develop, code and test software systems, or applications for software improvements and new products.
Actively contribute through participation in agile development of project timelines, implementation design specifications, system flow diagrams, documentation, testing, and ongoing support of systems

As a Back-End Software Engineer Intern, you will get to work with a super smart bunch of people who are doing state of the art development work in areas of machine learning, data analytics, and event correlations across silos to build best-in-class business software.
You will experience Hokodo and what defines our culture while honing the skills which separate our development team from others. You will receive mentorship, and gain insight into our values-driven process. Our goal is both to support your growth and development while empowering you for a successful start to your career.

You would be a good fit for Hokodo if you are:

  • Already knowledgeable and have programming efficiency in JavaScript or Python or eager to learn about new technologies
  • Bonus point if you are familiar with modern web applications, HTTP and REST APIs
  • Fast learner able to adapt quickly
  • Eager to learn about new technologies and build high quality software, with great attention to detail
  • Enthusiastic about teamwork
  • Strong communication skills, verbal and written

What’s in it for you?

  • Opportunity for personal growth in a fast-moving startup. You’ll learn as much in a month at Hokodo as you would in a year at a large company
  • Working directly with the founders in a very flat structure
  • We are one team, working together. Everyone’s opinion is valued
  • Diverse team that blends several nationalities and combines deep tech expertise with business profiles
  • Competitive remuneration for an internship and a good chance to join following a successful experience

What it takes to succeed?

  • Passion for product and high-quality software and eagerness to learn about new technologies
  • Understanding the value of strong testing
  • Ability to work in small teams
  • Ambition to disrupt a stale industry (financial services brokerage)
  • Ability to put yourself in the shoes of the end client (because in the end we want to ship a product that is less f*** up than what incumbents offer)

How do I apply?

No need for long formalities. Send us a CV and a short email at and we’ll schedule an interview or a visio.