Protect your customers against the risk of non-payment

Your customers shouldn’t have to worry about whether their transactions will be paid. Invoice Protection, our API solution, protects them against the risk of unpaid invoices.

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Protect your customers’ Cashflow

Invoice insurance tailored for your customers

With Invoice Protection, making B2B sales becomes safe and effortless. Simplify the lives of you customers by offering them access to cost effective protection. Happier customers will display higher conversion rates and loyalty without any additional work!

Make insurance easy

Bring your customers into the 21th century insurance world. Cover is a few clicks away. No hassle. No forms. No need for an insurance broker.

Peace of mind for your customers

Help your customers to focus on their core business, by making online transactions secure and effortless.

Turn your users into lifetime customers

Increase customers’ loyalty by bringing the whole customer journey onto your platform.

Add new risk-free income for your platform

Generate ancillary revenue for your platform and monetise your franchise.

Easily integrate our Invoice Protection API into your platform

Whether you're a marketplace, an accounting package or a shipping platform, you'll find integrating Hokodo's Restful API very straightforward. Instead of protracted conversations with an insurer, ping our API and start offering insurance to your users, within seconds. Your customers will love their new journey!

  1. 1 Request for Invoice Protection
  2. 2 Identification & Request for Quote
  3. 3 Purchase & Payment
  4. 4 Done! Invoice Protected

Secure, reliable API and 99.9% Uptime

Developer-Centric API

Our simple, meticulously designed, pre-configured Invoice Protection API makes integration straightforward. Bring insurance to your users the way THEY want it thanks to our APIs!

  • Simple and Robust API
  • 99.9% Uptime, Sub-Second Latency
  • Easy Integration
  • Security First
  • Great Developer Support
          curl --include \
          --request POST \
          --header "Content-Type: application/json" \
          --header "Authorization: Token your_secret_token" \
          --url "" \
          --data '{
          "debtor": "co-MEcWEu4qR9uLaUV5h48cDQ",
          "creditor": "co-CHJPvPdOTCOoIi4vqhZ4mw",
          "client": "clnt-v1JunzquQ7mkE1CTgaee1A",
          "net_amount": 18000.00,
          "gross_amount": 21600.00,
          "currency": "GBP",
          "issue_date": "2018-07-09",
          "due_date": "2018-08-31",
          "number": "A1807-004",
          "items": [
          "description": "Precious goods",
          "quantity": 10,
          "unit_price": 1800.00,

Frequently Asked Questions

Any questions? We have the answers

Late / non payment of an invoice by a client is the main reason why businesses run into financial distress or become insolvent, and surveys consistently highlight it as one of the main pain points for small business owners. Invoice protection addresses both issues, helping your users to collect their unpaid invoices faster, and standing behind them in the event that their buyer defaults.

Register on Invoice Protection and apply for access, we will provide you with an API access key to test our product.

Invoice Protection, underwritten and distributed using Hokodo’s technology, is backed by Lloyd’s of London’s Channel Syndicate, a unit of SCOR Global P&C, the non-life segment of the SCOR Group (a tier 1 and the world’s fifth largest reinsurer, rated AA- by the leading international rating agencies).

Yes. We want you to provide the best journey to your customers, and our team of financial experts and technologists are there to help you do that.

Hokodo Invoice Protection makes it incredibly simple to offer different kinds of enterprise-relevant insurance products to your platform or network - kind of like the “Stripe of B2B insurances”.
Maex Ament

CEO and Co-Founder of Centrifuge

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