A Buy Now, Pay Later solution built for B2B

We believe B2B e-commerce has been held back by inadequate payment methods for too long. That's why we're changing the way they're designed and delivered.

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"A great user experience and and great payment terms and flexibility are the two main benefits our customers are looking for, and thanks to Hokodo we are able to offer them that. They have helped us to grow a base of extremely loyal customers across Europe."

Pierre-Luc Joffre
Pierre-Luc Joffre
CFO at Ankorstore

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We believe it's about time all businesses got the credit they deserved. That's why, in 2018, we launched Hokodo and built a B2B Buy Now, Pay Later solution that empowers merchants to offer instant credit terms to customers of every size, in real time.

We know that trade credit isn't a new concept - it's been the standard payment method in B2B commerce for decades. However, merchants and marketplaces haven't had access to a safe and effective way of managing trade credit online. 

Until now.