Cross-border payment terms. 
Easy, right?

Wrong. Just 16% of B2B sellers find them ‘very easy’. Luckily, we know two people who can help unlock global payment terms… and they’re putting on a webinar just for you.

Join us live on 28 February to discover:

  • How to manage comliance and regulation in different geographies
  • How payment terms can be integrated to provide an optimal user experience
  • Why you need to meet regional buyer preferences
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Date: 28 February 2024
Time: 16:00 GMT / 17:00 CET

Ready to unlock the future of global payment terms?

Our speakers hold the key.

Louis Carbonnier

Co-founder & President

Louis is the co-founder and President of Hokodo where he leads the product strategy of the company’s payment terms solutions.

Bar Geron

Co-founder & CEO

Bar is the Co-founder and CEO of Balance, a B2B payments experience company offering the first online checkout built for businesses.

Here's a taster of what we'll be discussing

But we’re not giving everything away…
79% of UK and US small businesses say trade credit is essential for growth.
Join us to learn how global payment terms accelerate success.
62% of B2B sellers want payment terms that can be applied across multiple regions.
Are you part of the cross-border payments revolution?

Want to learn more before the webinar?

We love a teacher's pet.

Download Hokodo and Balance’s groundbreaking report to learn why:

  • The majority of of B2B sellers find it difficult to offer global payment terms
  • Payment terms are critical for marketplace growth, trust and reputation
  • A single payment terms solution is a key requirement for small businesses around the world

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